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READ Ed Welch Discuss, "Does Love Really Believe All Things?"

"If you are believing and hoping in the other person, love will fall flat, but if your trust is sequestered in Jesus Christ, you will have power to love that you never anticipated was possible."

--Ed Welch
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Paul used "all things" (indefinite πάντα ) in this particular letter (& others) to describe the substantive creation - including us - that comes from God, the Creator of πάντα. cf. 1 Cor. 3:21 Believing "all things" means having faith (the same verb in the Greek, πιστεύω, is the root for "have faith", "believe", "trust") that the One God is good, and that God created πάντα and "saw that it was good". (Gen. 1:31) It does not mean believing everything everyone says; to the contrary, it means discerning ourselves & fellow humans according to the faith we profess - one God, steadfastly loving, patient, self-emptying, not selfish or self-seeking, full of grace & truth, merciful, just & righteous.
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