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Jobmatic™ - Career Networking, Social Recruiting, Find Jobs Online, Post Resumes, Post Jobs, Search Resumes, Hire Staff Online
Jobmatic™ - Career Networking, Social Recruiting, Find Jobs Online, Post Resumes, Post Jobs, Search Resumes, Hire Staff Online

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Communication Skills & Modes

Having great communication skills - spoken or written - is one thing. Knowing which tool to use to communicate in which context is a whole different skill that needs to be mastered as well - which will "complement" your communication skills. Unfortunately, many experienced people - even at their workplaces - are clueless as to which tool to use in what context and give the not-so-graceful or effective communication experience to other people involved. On an earlier project, I was asked to differentiate between various modes of communication and when to use which. So, which mode is appropriate for which task? Here are the popular modes of communication and their contextual uses. If you stick to these guidelines, people will understand that you are smart and good at using the right communication tool in the right context...

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Scratch from MIT - a free tool to create stories, games and animations without coding. Visit to learn more...

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Which phone would you buy?

a) Apple iPhone
b) HTC One
c) Samsung Galaxy
d) LG G Flex
e) Sony Xperia
f) Nokia Lumia
g) Other

Cast your vote and post your comment at

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The Top-50 BrainBench Certifications of 2014, so far

Professionals across the world are using to improve their skills and make themselves more valuable to employers. Brainbench has helped over 11 million professionals measure, improve, or certify their skills.

Outlined below are the Top-50 Brainbench Certifications of 2014, so far:​​

1. Project Management (2013) (Currently Free)
2. OO Concepts
3. ASP.NET 4.5 (Currently Free)
4. Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals
5. MS Windows 8 Desktop Administration (Currently Free)
6. Network Technical Support (Currently Free)
7. PHP 5.4
8. Medical Terminology (Currently Free)
9. Unix Administration (General)
10. Java 6 - GUI (Currently Free)
11. C++
12. MS SQL Server 2012 Administration (Currently Free)
13. Oracle Developer 11g (Currently Free)
14. Apple iOS 5 Development (Currently Free)
15. C# 5.0 (Currently Free)

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​BrainBench on Facebook's selection of FREE tests

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What Does It Take To Find A Job Online?

When finding a job becomes a second job, at times it seems it would take forever to land that next job. Well, finding a new job may not be that hard if you have the right job skills and communication skills but you don't want to land a lousy job that does not interest you or coincide with your specialized skill set - such a job would be boring and a disaster. What you want is a challenging and rewarding job with promising growth prospects and job satisfaction that would not prompt you to look for another job anytime soon. If you don't love what you are asked to do at your job, you have essentially landed a wrong job! Unfortunately, this is a bitter truth with many people. But there is hardly any spare time left to learn new things or upgrade your skill set while you are doing a job search full time and especially if you don't have much help or short on resources. When the time comes to search for their next job, job seekers spend more time on updating and polishing their resume than learning and adding new skills to make themselves stand out from the pile...

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Includes video resume samples from HireMyWay, David, Tom, etc.

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Tablets as textbooks for students

Textbooks existed forever because the technology to replace them did not exist up until the time Apple invented iPad. Text books get out dated by the time they get printed. Then, by the time they get distributed to schools, they are more than outdated and less than useful. eBooks are cost-effective and cheaper compared to textbooks - even if we consider the initial cost of investment in a tablet. Many schools across the country (TN, GA, NJ, IL, etc) are replacing textbooks with iPads - good for students, good for teachers, good for parents, good for schools and good for counties...

#tablet   #iPad   #textbooks   #jobmatic  

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Scratch from MIT - a free tool to create stories, games and animations without coding

Scratch is a free development tool to create stories, games and animations without any coding - just drag-n-drop/group/stack up blocks of events/controls/etc, set values and execute - to see them in action immediately. Scratch was created by MIT to orient kids, students and non-programmers into programming. However, Scratch is a lot of fun for professional programmers, too as they can readily understand it and exactly know how to code it.

Scratch sharpens your brain, memory, builds your thinking skills, aptitude, complex problem-solving skills and cognitive skills. Scratch is being used by many schools as a learning tool. It comes with a built in graphic editor to create your own Sprites/images to create Bitmap/Vector graphics or use the several stock Sprites it comes with. Scratch is written in Flash and very powerful in that it is asynchronous and multi-threaded which means you could animate and interact with multiple sprites with their own set of unique configurations in addition to the Stage - simultaneously. You can even create games similar to XBox Kinect with Scratch where your scratch game will respond to your body movements through the Web Camera!!

There is no need to install anything to use Scratch - you can create games and save/share them right online with an account and access them from any other computer from anywhere. Your projects get saved on MIT's Cloud Servers. However, MIT also offers a downloadable version of the offline Scratch editor tool in case you want to work offline when there is no Internet connection...

#Scratch   #MIT   #animation   #free   #programming   #tool   #stories   #games   #kids   #students   #jobmatic  

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