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Mike Procopio
Extroverted computer geek since the age of 3.
Extroverted computer geek since the age of 3.

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Save time with Quick Access

Last year we launched Quick Access, a feature in +Google Drive that uses #machinelearning to surface the most relevant documents as soon as you visit the Google Drive home screen. Originally available only for G Suite customers on Android, Quick Access is now available for everyone who uses Google Drive, taking you to the documents you need in half the time compared to manually navigating or searching.

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Speaking about Machine Learning at Google Cloud Next in San Francisco! #googlenext17

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New blog post on the Google Apps Developer Blog!

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Coming to Google I/O 2016? Come check out Randall Sarafa's and my talk on our WhatsApp/Google Drive Backup integration.

It was a fun (and challenging journey) and we'll be taking a close, behind-the-scenes look at how we landed it (and what our biggest challenges were).

Day 2 (May 19), 10:00 AM, Stage 9

If you're not able to attend I/O this year, the talk will be recorded and I'll add the video link to this post when available.


Update: Video here!

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The new version of Google Drive is here!

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New Docs, Sheets, Slides with native Office integration - just launched today at Google I/O! It's been a busy year :).

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Zip Extractor is getting some press!

Thanks to +CHROMESTORY.COM for the article and to +Chip Colandreo for his support on the app itself!


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ZIP Extractor Google App now available - Extract ZIP files to Google Drive.
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