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Stacy Evans - Author, Priestess and Witch
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The first review my Sabbat Cooking ~ Beltane eCookbook is out!
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My new eCookbook is out!
New Release 'Sabbat Cooking ~ Beltane' by Stacy Evans is now available from our website!
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The Toddler had grapes and toast for breakfast. She finished her grapes first, as always, and wanted more. I told her to finish her toast first, then she could have more grapes. So she threw away her toast. Not sure whether to be scared or impressed at her reasoning skills.

She was very not happy when I told her never to throw her toast away again, though. Then she asked for more toast. Silly girl.
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Have them in circles
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Want to know how to get Author Laura DeLuca's first book, Destiny, as a free eBook? Follow the link!
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wonderful idea for the book of shadows, I may try this out myself. =)
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A little of this and a little of that.

Stacy Evans is a Pagan Author, Blogger, and Priestess.  She joined Wyrdwood Publications as an author in 2011.

She lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and daughter.  Stacy is the Priestess of her local Circle, and works extensively with her community as High Priestess of her local branch of the Congregationalist Wiccan Assembly of Alberta, a Wiccan church in her province.  She has been Wiccan since 2000.