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Coming soon to a blog near you.........
I thought I would take a moment to tell you all about the
upcoming Christmas Rom-Com (12-part story) that as it has in the past will run
from December 13 th until Christmas Eve.  I hope to make you all smile each day as the
main characters get up to Christm...

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Top 10 Things I Love/Hate about Christmas/Winter
NOBODY TOLD ME IT WAS WEDNESDAY TODAY!!!! Again I am late...I am sure I was a white rabbit in a past here is my list of Top 10 things I love about Christmas. 1. The lights I love the lights, especially when you walk past windows and...

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Top 10 Tuesdays: December Topics!!
Hellooooooo! So its time to post the topics for December's Top 10 Tuesdays...are you ready? Anyone feeling festive enough to join us? 1st Dec: Top 10 things that I love/hate about Winter 8th Dec: Top 10 Christmas Movies/Or movies I watch at Christmas time 1...

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The coffee, the dinner, the cold shoulder! Date #4 & #5
After the third date going so well and then being so disappointed, I did want to just throw in the towel, and the more I read about others experiences the more depressing it all seemed. People are weird! Even the online dating success stories...start with.....

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Bowled over! Date #3
Finally, a chance for me to sit down in front of the computer and not trawl for menfolk! So...where were we...Oh yes! Date three was the last one  had before I began posting about dating and to begin! Firstly, I didn't meet him on the dati...

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Top 10 Things to be thankful for
Todays Top 10 is inspired by Thanksgiving...although I am a week good to plan ahead! is my list... Family Online friends Work friends Health A job Kindness Peace Chocolate Laughter  Tears THANK YOU!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Helping myself help myself.
For the last five years I have been finding myself, I didn’t take
myself off on a spiritual trip, I did it alone at home through self-reflection
and self-indulgence and just suited myself. In retrospect, I can see that five
years is a long time for somethin...

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To tea or not to tea
Hey Guys, Its time to regale you all with Date two (D2) and the joys that it turned out to be.... There was a week between date one (D1) and date two and well....I really should get 'Mug' tattooed across my forehead. We had been chatting and really hitting ...

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What's your name? Miranda!
After a month of winking, scrolling, winking, scrolling and tentative chit chat...I finally got talking to someone..he didn't look like a super model, but his profile seemed genuine and the small talk we had and occasional flirting was nice and he made me f...

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For the first time in forever...
For the first time in forever...this song is pretty apt because my first date since my marriage ended...was actually my first date EVER and I kind of hoped for all the things Anna did in the cheesiest of fashions possible, and so for the first time in forev...
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