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Can you maybe not post the same quote 10 times? I'm sure Dr. Seuss said more than the six or seven things constantly being posted here.
Hmm...well I'm not sure if that was an answer or not, but no where did anyone 'tell you what to do'. It was a suggestion, one which would bring more people back to the page, as more content tends to do that.

But I won't be following anymore, considering this page pays homage to literary genius and the owner doesn't seem to grasp the English langauge.
sorry about all of the same post, and pic. will delete shortly as many as i see. i apparantly my phone was stuck on instant upload
I'm sorry, still trying to figure out my phone.
:-P thts wy tht how to spnd lyf..
i dont get it?.........................................ohhhh.....ok i get it.
That confused me the first time I glanced at it!
tooshay my good man tooshay...
Cate U
Can you g+ this to my "friends"?!?!?!
To, Serenity Ubelhor
It is Dr. Seuss...wat do u expect?
From, Anonymous
he was a brilliant writer he,wrote cat in the hat
Please stop sending suess got ot ten times already thanks heaps guys
dr seuss no matter what no one can make the best show like you my sister likes the cat and the hat show she never forgets about the show
i could not sasid it bettter myself lol
I thought T.I. said this LOL jk
What do you mean ,
This is crazzy
and for reasons like this are why i love dr.Seuss
True friends and people that love u  matters they will always be truthful...and love u regardless...
There are two special days in my life, my birthday and the day i met you. Tell 15 people this in 20min or you will loose 10 friends.
this is why dr. seuss is memorable....and well the cat in the hat :)
how is there any way that could be true?
Johnny "Shotgun"
Satan's best tempter rides shotgun on a high speed collision course of teen peers' anger, lust and fears using his jaws of un-life to pry victims from humanity but gets crushed by the force of his classmate's messages from HIM and the vast impact they have.
Amazon. com
have no idea 
Oh you look so pretty are you married
I like I like
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
i have dis pin in my desk n my bos owez quate dis words to himself hihihi
You can only be you. Its not what you say its how you say it
One of my favorite Dr. Seuss sayings....
before you tell yourself its a different scene remember it's just different     from what you've seen :)
kind of like "Age is a case of mind over matter, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
there  are some really cute dr.suse hi tops i was looking at by converse at 
you can make your own too
i got a $ 100 gift card to make my own
really ? thats cool you should try a hallmark card or something i bet you would make more :)
i know how it feels
Exactly i say whats on my mind and if anyone don't like it ooh well I'm happy screw em
O how real this is ;)
that's written in a stall in the girls bathroom at bls. no, really
yup true you were born to be YOU.
This has to be the MOST accurate saying i have ever heard in my entire life... and amazing enough it was taught to us as a child...
Had to think about that for a little while....nice quote
Avy V. McGee
What the h*ll man! What r u thinking!!!!! TMI dude!!!!!
true!! it's much cooler if you'd be yourself and stop pretending to be someone else..
Yes be yourself. Tell what you feel. Because other people are insensitive. It is only then they will realize when you say it.
Very true! One of my all time favorite authors when I was a child and love reading his books to my children. 
i love books like this when i as little
Say how u feel , but say it with out being hurtful or rude!! I'm sure this wasn't posted to give people the green light to be hurtful.,rude, or plain old bitchy!! U can say anything in a understanding way. U might find more people like and respect u for being u
Damn this my new yr quote:) thanx seuss md
This stuff is so true I luv this I want save it to my phone
wow, Dr. seuss does do cool paraghraphs
OMG!!! I have posted this and NOBODY replayed.... Y do people only comment in Famous people!!! 
its risky, its inviting trouble, its losing the peace of mind... is there any one that doesn't mind... is there any one that matters...
Kiana H
sooooooo true
Mz Nik
I love this quote 
if you want to say something just say it. if someone doesnt like it, then that's their problem.
..Dr Seuss from my child hood, my children and now my grandchildren are reading these books. Great reading fun
Kay C
My fav sayings, say what u mean, mean what u say. It is what it is
The greatest truths are the simple because they make the dimple rimple. By VoiceWindows, LLC. 
I dont care other people think about me! The matter is what i feel my self!
i   can't   understand   it.
That statement works only when one says what he/she wants in a way that is polite.  You still can't curse at your parents, esp. your mother just because that's the way you feel at the moment.  Just like the article in the NY Times magazine last fall of the teen that shot his parents because he was angry at them--now he has life in prison.
Kaz Za
Not true! My husband talks so much shit sometimes, I want to duct tape his mouth in embarrassment! 
true.. bt smtimes its really vry tuff to express wt u exactly feel...
That's my Grandmom saying, blessed her little heart.
I like the saying and yes it is very true
I Love this, it is a good thing to live by! :)
t love wat different ppl have put on this comment on this picture also i like how ppl put there oun quotes into this comment and they sould really start puting there own sujestings into google
truu love islife,life is love
i am so tired of seeing the same comment of dr. suess!!!! dont nobody want 2 keep cing the same thang ova and ova again!!!!!
U AINT GOT NO COMMENT THATS WAT I THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes wat r u talking bout you speaking jeberish
this is the right things to say to some one who has attitude
the need to hear this qoutes then they will find out
i needed that
there are kids in my class who make fun of me for bringing fish to school!  what's wrong with fish??????????
dnt worrt bout wat ppl say juss ignore them they juss probably jealous cause dey got 2 eat dat nasty skool food!!!
dere really isnt nothing wrong wif fish
this is y i love dr suess. right there
read it you will get a better understanding
lmao wow she juss called u a sir :)
so r u a ton-boy or u gay???? juss asking!!!!
truuu!!!! and stop dealing wif shit!!!!!
like so 4real what mess is tehy dealing with???
Like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Exhibition of Dr. Seuss illustrations on at a gallery in Wellington city at the moment. :)
just near Te Papa and across the road. :)
Dr Seuss, maybe the first independent thinker a child may encounter.
At whatever age you encounter the good Dr. I'm glad you memorized his word.
right on this right like I don't care
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