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i think im going to start asking for Dr. Seuss books for christmas. i have lost all mine from when i was little :/
what about the other 1 and 1/4 percent?
unfortunately the other 1 1/4 percent are the ones who don't want to try hard enough to succeed...
+Emily Caton  Because unfortunately NOTHING in this world has a 100% guarantee except death.
Heehee...someone has to be in that 1 and 1/4 percent! I guess that's me! :)
Is that really reliable? 98 & 3/4%?
what about the 1 1/4 percent???? :( 
Well 98.75% will succeed, but it is the other 1.25% that will be the rich in America & pay less taxes that those that succeed.
You will always succeed if you try. You can only fail if you don't try.
i love dr. seuss... i wrote a paper about him and political cartoons :D
Thank You so much Dr. Seuss!!
kaya G
no you can succeed by putting effort in and not being damn lazy!
Well at least it's most likely that I will succeed!
Succeed I will, I will indeed!!!
I was a fan of the Cat N The Hat and always will be!  I do not like Green Eggs and Ham!
It is nice to have the reminder about success.  Pulling in the future is what we need to teach our children.  This is what was taught in the Dr. Seuss books.
Dr. Suess was all I used to read to my baby brother
I completely agree with this...Dr. Suess is amazing!
Yes. Sam I am, Gr
een Eggs n Ham! 99.9% ♥♥♥
That 1 and 1/4 looks PRETTY grim though
I love this quote and the whole book Oh, the Places You'll Go!
i love u dr. seuss, i miss u soo much, i think my fav book was theres a wocket in my pocket lol
It's just sad that he is gone I mean he was truly amazing!
Awesome I miss Dr .Seuss my favorite book was Green Eggs and Ham!!!!!!
Unless it comes to men who want babies
I wouldv'e said: And will you succeed? yes! yes you will indeed! but i'm no doctor seuss... oh wait....
Thnk u. That just put more cofiDence in me
anyone can succeed as long as they have a clear cut and burning 'why'
And then there is that some percent chance that you wont. 
Anna G
Whoa! Fantastic!
kool i wish dr. seuss didnt die.miss him
Dr.Seuss is da best! Love it! :) 
Oh so practical! True but not too serious :-)
I love his quotes they are so catchy
I'll keep that in mind when I look for a job
okayyyyyyy..........let's see if it woks....................
hard work and keeping the things simple will give u success
it rhymes and has a good saying..............  i like it
rhyming to make my life better xxx
I will succeed and make it in life IJN
hahahaha thats the kinda thing i would say to my sister "of course, ull do well........well at least i hope so!!!" :-P
woah! it reminds me of the Lorax! haha...and I speak for the trees!..haha...I so loved that movie! the best!
98 and 3\4 percent? that should be 100 percent
Love this cat since I was a little girl
nice :) bt then who is DR SEUSS???
wtf? u dont no dr. seuss??!!!
i feel like i will be a no one like school is to hard for me. & im a sophmore i feel like im dumb
Wendy Rosales:y do u talk lyk tat??every1 is here 2 achieve sometng..b d bst..:)
i'm to nervous to graduate feel like the world is going to fast for me . i know i will graduate but what will happen with the rest of my life.. where will i live, what will i be, who will i be, that is the question
I can make it! I can do it! I will top the board exam!!!! YEAH!
Yes, You will. Believe, Have Belief and Passion
All we have to do is shoot for your goals it is so true

hla han
everybody may happy
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