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"Don't give up. I believe in you all. A person's a person no matter how small."

+Dr. Seuss
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Thank you for that encouragement because I am 55" inches and I am in 7 th grade.
Your right and it's not called small it's called fun-size
Thank you cause im in high school, and im not even five foot tall.
we should always believe we can do anything we put our minds to
yes i know like me I'm VERY small!
that is very true thankyou for putting that up there
i coulden't relate im VERY TALL FOR MY AGE!!!!!!!!!!! but yes it is very true<3
I'm like 4'7 and I'm only 11 years old .....almost 12 in 2 months
hey emily add me..i will like too meet u
i already did sooo lets chat personal.just accept it
De Lee
Yes Indeed!
Actulyt Horton the elephant said that. i was in seussical i should know.
a persons a person no matter how small~ I Like That
Even when totally invisible. I know I'm still here. Are you? Everything is possible.
ok? why dont u guys comment on my pics
That is grat saiing I think it is great
That is grat saiing I think it is great
My middle school did Seussical... good memories :)
this was my status literally a day ago!!! what a coincidence
Short people are the most dangerously interlectually equipped, e.g. my sister, Tenacity.
dr. Seuss is a good book and a great movie called the cat in the hat
My very favorite line from Dr.Seuss..
Sounds nice. But It is difficult to convince.
translation---- kids can change the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
always persevere and especially for short people
even funnier when you scroll to the next funny picture

1 fish 2 fish red fish blue fish
it tru and from horton hears a who!!! hey that rhymes
So true! And that's especially funny because Dr. Seuss didn't actually care much for children. When he cheated on his wife, and remarried his mistress after his wife committed suicide over it, he convinced his new wife to send the kids away to boarding school!
I especially like that bc I'm super small!!!!
I'm not very small but that's not the point of the quote.
I no that is a life lesson but does ur profile pic hav 2 b doc. seuss's hat?!?!!?
Awwww I think they said that @ my grad....Lol
Dr.Seuss i now like being a small because im small
they said tht during D S es B-day at our school for word of wisdom
That's true in life we all need something to belive in
Well sometimes we do have to give up you know! Horton hears a who i love that movie and book!
omg a person's a person no matter how small
Gena B
aww cute!
that's random something small like a Rat? that's not a person!
Tom Ga
bla bla bla IM SO LONE,,, TALK TO ME
My favorite poet! He helped my kids learn to read!
Very true. #deepthoughts If life gives you lemons, keep them. 'Cause hey, free lemons.
reminds me of Horton Hears a Who
awwww dr. seuss i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! u always make my day! <33333333333:)
Thanx 4 inspiring me.

Perfect timing, I need this today. Thank you
zee key
I love this quote!
im a person and im small. i will never give up
It's a pretty good pro-life saying :)
Sarah k
I feel like he is talking to me 8D
Considering how short i am....
Ahh but ataller person is more of a person logically doh hes amazing lol
Love Dr. Seuss quotes; they are the best!
Anne Le
so beautiful...
So Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will not eat green eggs and ham!
Live on doctor Seuss live on
i love all books by Dr.Seuss they are so inspiring first of all The Lorax
sounds like me i am always the shortest wherever i am!
No matter how big or how small!!!!!!!! Didn't Dr. Seuss know that!!!! he just forgot I guess. lol
Doug M.
I thought you were dead there doctor.
I love this it's so inspirational for people who are trying to get to the top and that they can don it and not to stop trying. :):):):):):):):)<3<3<3and keep that PMA up POSITIVE MENTAL ADDITUDE.
I feel really strongly about this seeing as my penis is only two inches long I've been forced to compensate with being tiny my entire life. This quote helped me get through a lot of tough times at college boy was that rough!
That is so stupid I don't get it
I <3 Dr. Seuss!!!!! Go, Dog, Go; Red Fish, Blue Fish. Classic.
Aww... yes...

(I dedicate this post to Timothy keui!! 
Thanks for your goodness sometimes a small word from some helps you get throw the day thanks for yours
Lucy Ko
How about tall? Ha ha XD I am not tall ... <3
My BFFAEWNE is fun sized! (I'm super tall though...)
U always shares the best and this 1 was awesum
that is so cute my sis loves dr.seuss
that really is true i am really glad you put that up there because people dont that people beleive in them but we really do so thankyou
Imagine if all organic matter was connected. Expand collective consciousness...
did horton REALLY say the first 2 lines because I don't remember that
Horton really did. He was talking to the Whos. :D
awesome quote!! half of these r actually useful!!
Ask my BFF she's smaller then a who:)
Most Amazing! Many People need to hear this at some point. Thank you . I hope they do see or hear it.
tall people are doofy. all of the man gods are short in stature . but what is tall or short small or long, we are talking people think so SMALL. Tall to me would have to be GIANT.
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