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second comment.........luv da quote
Its not only to be who you are & to say what you feel but also put into action (do what you say & feel) what you say & feel-- 
Well, my parents matter. And they mind xD
Nice quote I don't think I've ever heard that one before though?
The goal was that they are trying to say do what you want without worrying about other people. +polly nguyen 
Mary M
You know what, I feel really pissed right now, hope you don't mind!
If I don't mind does that mean that I matter? xD
i get the first part but not the last :(
dr suse is like shakspear for kids
that is on the wall of my piano teachers house
It's hard to be too frank sometimes. That's the way of survival.
ok than listen ...jesus n Muhammad is a same person he came first as jesus than Muhammad n now he is coming again as immam mehdi ...
one soul ...have body as time change..
And those who care don't abuse u when, u have been asking them to leave u alone for MONTHS
omg are you serious?????? dr. seuss is one of the greatest childrens writers of all times he wrote cat in the hat, the lorax, green eggs and ham, etc.
Almost as inspiring as the green eggs and ham soliloquy. "I am Sam and Sam I am, I like green eggs and ham." Amazing inspiration. Haha I'm just kidding but I do love Dr. Seuss
how many times has this been posted??????????
its such an awesome post that its been re-posted 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times :D
Just can't say it any better! That's about as loud and cleat as it gets!
That is true statment, to be what you are?. & say what you feel to say. nobody is stoping you frm anthing. 
How true this is. I cant stand someone that tells u what they think u want to hear or agrees w/everything u say. No back bone! How discusting.
confusing but means being true to yourself
lovely post...always b who u r don't try to b who ur nt

I don't care how long ago I heard that! It's truer the older I get...
Live this quote almost like my motto 
yaah it is true in life do what you fill right for you
Tru tru... I should try dat
Kt Hy
That is sooo correct. Staying true to ones self is vital especially in todays world
I don't agree all the way with this quote!
dr.suess said it all in 1 sentence.
I need to remember this for my daughter.
''Now, ain't that the truth and nothing but the truth, your Honor!'' psmlol - In Canadian Judicial Law, a judge is obligated according to our statutes to 'waiver his right to vote' in any political election, based on maintaining a position of neutrality: Neutrality is the absence of declared bias. In an argument, a neutral person will not choose a side. However, one exception does apply to this rule: Should a ''tie'' present itself in an election (highly unlikely), a judge has the right in that circumstance to vote for either party, if he so chooses. One important factor this is implemented: In the interim of an election due process where a ''vote recount'' is made mandatory; it can only be official and legally binding if a judge bears witness to the procedure, therefore authorizing  the final results.   
Very nicely said and oh! so true it is.  A doctrine by which more people should live by....
in other word, dont care what other people say
thats so ntrue you will lead a misrable life unless you do what you want
Always be true to yourself and keep it one hundred with other and be you 
There is nothing wrong with this saying,its all about what u believe,i said its true coz thats what i think. 
To all the people whom find this quote with misunderstandings of the meaning i hope this helps a little---;The people that truly care for you and respect what you say-they- MATTER&-,Don't Mind if you be WHO YOU ARE and SAY WHAT YOU FEEL.If They Mind They Don't Matter.{We live in a world where each individual is in titled to their own opinion}------  p.s.And this is in reply with manners.
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