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You know Vishal Mendis, may be gave you some solace on your problem, drink a considered a vitamin 1200 ml of Fish Oil tablets in the morning and during the night, and eat a lots of peanuts and drinks a lots of water, its helps your brain lubricated and can sleep better.
i am in the susical  play! as thing 2
he trying to say love is better than dreaming of it XD
 Most of my dreams are very very good and a few really bad
Kat C
Very true!
most of my dreams are about the guy i like
sometimes it is opposite.... you cant fall asleep when reality is worst....:)
so i guess im no in love because i can fall asleep really easly
i wish that could happen to me but reality keeps me awake because it is worst than a horror movie
acha ji.....??????????????
I LOVE You YOU LOVE Me, We're a "HaPpY" Family.
Thats deffenly me lol i can never fall asleep cuz i think about my bf
Yes. I was goin to c him today but i cant :-( and im 14 and hes 15
i used to feel that way..;-)
ssssssssssssssooooooooooooo ttttttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeee
its very very true............:):):):):):)
that is very true !!!!!!!! :)
unless of course your an insomniac, you can't sleep no mater what
a true poet Dr.Sues i hope to be like him someday he is my writing roll model.Just my writing roll model i also i have a roll model in politics and womens right.
...or your dreams have finally become the reality, true !
That is so unbeliveably true... but what is more true is when your scared and you cant fall asleep you think of a person lying next to you. And that is the person you will love forever.
I'm thinking about trying it ?
so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............
OMG thats so true im like so in love and i cant sleep any mor i think thats y thnxz 4 tellin me now
wow!!!! That is wat happens to me a lot
I'm thinking about trying it ?
Kat M
i like this comment
hann d
hahahaha  When will that happen?
Yes i Have been truly bless to have that with my Husband! Because Im such a dreamer!!
its true, thats y i want to sleep!
Love is when you can't fall asleep 'cause your muscles hurt from all the things you did together in one single day/night/weekend.
i don't understand what that says but I'm sure its like "inspirational" and "so true" and all that...
Hahaha... Do you think LOVE is an imaginary world?
its true, cuz being alive is like reality and dreams is just dreams
do u known a boy name deng deng
Never let it slip away if you find it!!!! I know I wont do it again...
Awwww. I want reality to be better than my dreams.
yes, even when reality hurts you seriously.
it's absolutely real guys
it's absolutely real guys
i wish, that were true for me. so like someones in heaven
Haley H
i love docter seuss
WoW! Waiting patiently for LOVE!
yep, exactally how i feel:)
totally true i had that feeling once upon a time ): x 
oo i thought i can't sleep coz of mosquitoes
good to know that :P
Maya Ch
at times....but better things will always happen in ure dreams cause lifes not perfect but dreams normally are.....
I wish I could wake up and stop sleeping so much!
This is a very true statement !!!! If anyone doubts it then just fall in love and yourself then you'll see
Yeah...but that dos not happpen a lot!
its true but it depends if the person u love doesnt love you back
i want reality to be better than my dreams :(
that is so true what dr.seuss said
OMG..I not fall in.Love.but Fall in Work.Haaaa...:P
hmm i never dr. suess was so inspirational to 12 year olds......
hmmm must be why i have NOT been sleeping lately......
I can't sleep, because it's true!
You can't fall asleep cause she won't stop fuckin talkin 
what about me can i pleaaaaaaaaase
im shocked at how true this actually is, ive just realised i dont have good dreams anymore, because my reality is amazing
I dont know if this statement is correct or not. i dont believe all i read.
it is true Dr becouse i have been thru this and love is really nice at first but........
That's so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it ends sad and lonely mohinesh roy
That is how I feel but I just can't find him I know he's near though.
yeah but thats not why i cant fall asleep...( i have to sleep on a fotan)
I knw i am in love cuz i think bout him evryday! Whn i dnt c him i am upset! Whn i do c him, i get buttrflies &, well lets just say I've never felt the same way about any1 before! <3 I LOVE U 4 EVR TYLER MILLER! <3
Ha yes , that is the best sleepless night
But also what if you have Insomnia, just bcuz someone can't sleep doesn't nececeraly mean that
I  know that feeling. Been with my other half for 15 years. And every day gets better.
399th comment!!@ im gonna do 100!!
Dr. Seuss was such an amazing person.  I bet half of you don't even know his real name.
yahh ...........agree it.
Faith K
Had a gud nite sleep :(
i have that about one guy right now.. and im not even with him
that is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well to who's seuss is whos sleeping love.I lay awake to watch you drunk in a sick sleep.
Stop saying i wish and start saying i will... who agrees
Im a good enough person to forgive u but im not stupid enough to trust u ever ahain
You will never know the power of yourself untill someone hurts u babdly 
I like this :)... Big cat in the hat fan! Lololol
I gave up, its not becuz i dont love u but becuz im tired of geting hurt. Amd feel like u never care.
I love this lol typee back i want boys and gurl to type me back tell me if u are a boy or a gurl then say if u like it
How can you stop loving someone who you know that is your soul mate!!!
It's not bout falling asleep it's bout knowing reality is better than dreams n that's impossible to many PPL out there so they look their whollle lives for that! I wish I could stay awake forever Rt now, just said that last night to my first love that if we could stay up for 7 days straight on the phone then we would! N here I am something just told me to check my notifications and this pic popped up! Crazy, BC we say on the phone till 620 am n I didn't even have to fight the sleep, the insignia came naturally :-) then I gases out Rt after we hang up BC I can finally feel SOOOOO at peace that I can pass out easily now! LOVE IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD N I HOPE THOSE OF YOU WHOM HAVEN'T FOUND REAL LOVE LIKE THE MOVIE THE NOTEBOOK THAT YOU DO SOMEDAY, EVEN AFTER YOU LEAVE THIS EARTH, YOU WILL FIND IT SOMEWHERE SOMEDAY! SO GOOD LUCK N BEST WISHES!
How true that is because thats how i feel right now with my husband Mr. Yancey
This is so beautiful. <3
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