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Especially when no one understands how you think. 
What does this quote mean?i cant understand :(
It means you're original. No one can be more like you than you already are. 
Unless you're a clone, then you're number two.
I can't use the hangout, do you use messenger?
Lol I meant Samuel.... But okay I guess you can message me too
Is na my nickname now? Naomi is only could just say it. And I can't use the hangout where I'm at. 
I'll use the messenger to message you. 
Um no. When YOU can't seem to understand that grammar doesn't require the word "like" in every sentence, THEN we discuss speaking English. 
You. Pretty much in every sentence. 
Not the word. Just your shitty grammar. 
gosh Missworld, and u wonder why no ones added u yet
Lol And +Eli.A I'm going to add you :)
then why do u even have a pge? its "like" pointless
lol! nvm what i just posted if she +1d it
wow keep on commenting we could get a world record started :)
sssssssssooooooooooo  cccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllll
that's so true and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nada 9
what about me ?
i know that im me and people need to know that they need to be their self and not to be like other people.
Jae C.
my favorite quote 
Dr.Sues is an all time hero, someone with the best advice, a wonder ful childhood hero <3 long live the hero of advice for years and year(: what get advice!!!!
cool i love dr. seuss
That is the truth nabdy is more like me than me!!
Well done sherlock. 
its so obvious, but still strangely inspiring. 
Ikr. Me and dr. Seuss think alike. LOL
It tells u to be yourself not someone else. I have done that before so thx
I've heard that before.
DR. Seuss, your and amazing poem author and you show and tell about everything in an amazing way!!!!!
thats something you dont hear everyday!! ;)
I didn't no that 3 people could comment so much on i little post
it's cutie
so true!
Sometimes my little sister is more me than me since she is cloaked in the freedom of irresponsible youth while I am suppressed by social convention.
When you think that your so alone. Go into your mind and look inside. Peer into your thoughts and figure out how to change this situation. Because remember only you can make the decision to stay alone or be very gregarious around friends. 
Love doctor Seuss. Such a great fun way to teach lessons to kids and adults alike.
What would happen if Dr.Seuss wrote a adult book......
Indeed, be You because there will be no other You. ☺
When we were created that mole was broken so there is no one else like me or you
i am tottally postin at on facebook :3
I just wish everyone new tht and stoped tryin to b somtin they aint. Its so agravaiting!
Words of wisdom. Don't be afraid to be who you are. If someone doesn't like you, screw em. Cause they won't matter in the future.
unless you get plastic surgery. 
Wait someone alive is younger than me

It doesn't say no one alive is younger than you. It says youer than you - meaning that you're the only you there is.
This is really inspiring! :) ♥ +1 for this one!
YES........ if u keep that in mind , U won't allow no one to persuade u in changing whoever they want U to be...... Be yourself unique, wonderful and amazing that U are .......and U won't be disappointed or disappoint people around U...... :)
poetery is not my thing i stil remember about white a poem 
+David Robertson, Dr. Suess writes CHILDREN'S books. BTW he died a long time ago, and even though it's cliche, it's true and gives you a small laugh and a spark of hope.
Its so true. People should just be themselves confidently.
haha i love how he makes a really symbolic idea and makes it sound like a 5 yr old's picture book!
There is no one meer than me,like me or ever will beer. Haha
thats right oh and rise above!!!
Love Dr. Suess:) He rhymes in a way we all can undastand!
hey !!! i memerized thta quote when i was at school !!!!
Does that imply there is someone who is dead that is youer than you?
thats  correct Im me lol
Of Course I have known that all along!
CONFUSING...... but a good message!!!!!!!!!!
Thats the most best thing I ever read!:)
waiit i feel kinda dumb i cant read nor do i get that lol
well there is no one other like me and no one who is me
if someone was like me the world would be destroyed
i will have to agree with that....
Awesome! Both a motivator and a smile wrapped up in for neat lines, that's what I call efficiency!
dr.seuss was such an inspirational man! i loooove this quote! haha
I'm ok with me imperfections and all. That's what makes me, me. I can't be you, only you can be you that what makes you special.
I feel safe now I read this, it s good to be me, only, truly me...
Can't argue with that.
You cant spell Beautiful without be u!!!!!!!!!!! BEaUtiful<3
so true. I am a one of a kind and nobody is perfect.
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love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because real doesn't rhyme with you
Rock on Dr.Seuss you will always be a legend!!!
hahahaha i like that and i love dr.seuss
+Joshua Ogri that blog looks interesting. I already bookmarked it! Thanks for sharing :-)
That's ture, mister Dr. Seuss.
WHY IS HE So FRICKEN BRILLIANT???!? Oh my god he was the best!!!!
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