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Exactly! Why be someone your not? Don't be embarrassed of who u are. Love who your are and people will respect and love you. :)
Mele M
N if they don't accept you for you then they really don't deserve you.
what is the difference between ignorance and apathy?
i don't know and i don't care --   LBT
This is so dumb. "Anybody who disagrees with me doesn't matter--I am always right!" You wish.
So true!! How great to know this simple saying!!
Im in love with every single last one of Dr.Seuss' quotes! <3
Still learning from Dr. Seuss, got to love it ... :)
Sounds like wisdom but in fact it is recipe for disaster. To prove my point tell your boss how you really feel.
My friend told me this durring a bad tie. Thank you Dr. Seuss!
I agree with you  one has to be careful of what we say, the quote makes sense
first I felt sad but when I saw this I feel so much better thanks to you.
Most people are cowards.  They won't take this advice.
Poe Poe
the lyric for cartoon movie(lorax) or (hurton)
seen this about a million times
i liked way better the 1st time
Damn right ! Stop living a fake, imitated, pretentious life. Its all about being real and I mean damn real !!!
I never mind that man's comment who have no mind:-)
To many people are busy trying to be some else

To many actors and no real people
To many people are to busy trying to becime some one else, and thats hard work.
for you bhy me good to be non owned .! it s totally life was be for n after is history straight ,
be yourself accept who you are and you will have no flaws
happynes and positivity way too go lol
By reading this sentence I remember LORAX<3
Someone people do true you should speek mind alway
AMEN! <3  xoxxoxxo My baby bo genius@ Barry Fader! My brother from another  MOther! ahahhaaaaaaha The KINGOG GEIUS!! Do The Thrillbilly Magnet for me no=w. oam Rich! wooo hooooooooooooo!! Queenie Geni fantasia! ahahhahhahaah
TRUE! Aub=nt nie's Alligator! ME ! hahahahhahahahahaaah <3 :00
Yep, I don't mind this quote :-) kd, nice one.
Not always true. can you say what you want to your boss? or can you say what you feel to a dictator?  Dr. Seuss?  how did you become a doctor?
This sentence can only look good for someone who doesn't want to be responsible for their actions.
+Ehsan Line No need to interpret the meaning in that way. Dr Seusse stories and writings were always about moral values. So the true meaning is that if what you are doing is morally correct then just go with it. 
I dnt care anyone its awesome
True talk. I have learnt to be who I am not who people think I am.
No wonder kids are so messed up these days...
With green eggs and ham!!!!!
I've seen this one before and i believe it 100%
I love Dr. Suesses quotes
Right! Thank you for sharing!!
I never realized that Dr.Seuss was a philosopher, a very poignant quote. 
Completely true I never care what people say about me as long as it's not to my face (because then I would punch them) and I am happy with my life.
I like that. True talk
 I agree. I love Dr. Seuss he was clever and funny  
Truth is good...when to another...
Took the words right out my mouth
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a doubt!!! will not this saying wen practiced called Blunt speech... and may loose relationships???
I completely agree...speak your mind. Couldn't have said it better...
i've read many story books of dr.seuss and all are pretty funny!
So true. If you care about someone, they are not afraid to be near you and tell you how they feel. If you tell somebody how you feel and they don't care, then they DON"T matter. Thanks Dr. Seuss
Everyone matters.There is something called 'social obligation'.
your right Ryann Lariscy  i totally believe ya too :) ;) i thumbz up fo ya ;)
What will happen when corrupt people will read this.
The reason why I'm different. 
Ai Yn
Damn right!!! 
This is a quote that i live by, so happy it's been brought up on here
........and those who dont mind will always have rude awakenings from their mindless attitudes,always ,be good and mind your boundary.......for that person near to you.
Its really encouraging to know what mistake i always do is correct. Thankxxx --
True, as long as you don't mind getting punched in the face every now and again.
Kaiku faltu hai kya tu bankas karne ko goggle hi mila kya mr chu Lolz 
so true bbz ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, keep up the quotes !!!
That s who I am and the truth comes out my mouth but makes others angry with me
I love love Dr. Suess. Good writer and good person.
That is a good one, I like that.
banyak baget komentarnya tapi keren juga sih
I strongly agree!!!!!!!!!!
 everi human being  has its own ability that can know itself . . . ..
mind your own business on your own life.........
Я не понимаю по вашему- или по русски aŭ per Esperanto(n).
Dr Seuss, you d'man-- er, you d'pseudonym-- er, you d'Thing..  
ah whatever.. you d'You.
MY Childhood Taught to read Way before 1 grade by my Greatgrandma (I am getting ready to be 56 in Nov.) Love  Imean what isay and i say what ithink an elephants faithful 100 per cent!!
i am totally the person who would do what my mind feels and not what a mind would think
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