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I like this one hope that my grandchildren follow his advice....´╗┐
I needed that . So sweet. And so true­čśâ´╗┐
I choose ONE DIRECTION:)´╗┐
Commencement speaker at Hamilton College used this as last line of his address to class of 2012 this weekend. Not sure kids got it (!)´╗┐
yeah it stll does hold truee´╗┐
Ummm............?????????? Hmmmmm.......????????? idk?!?!?!´╗┐
oh the places you will fav!!´╗┐
Gi Gi
Totally read this in Dr. Seuss's voice.´╗┐
i am going to say a random thing soon O_O i am so awkward´╗┐
Gotta love good ol' Dr. Seuss´╗┐
true nd this is great edvice´╗┐
i think it means you can do whatever you want to do with your freedom none can drive you about´╗┐
The best rapper next to Jay Z´╗┐
I think you are both inspirational.´╗┐
On giving that a deep thought,i found u right,Dr.Seuss´╗┐
love this thanks for sharing..xoxo´╗┐
If you love Dr. Seuss for his clever rhymes then you are gonna love the tight ass rhymes my boys +Wang Long and +Krack White put down!
oh herro prease, Wang gonna set this track off right set flame to all these dicks with dykes and all the dykes with dicks wang gonna keep stacking cash on whiteman womans ass til he gets rich and shit wang spit harder than a bowlegged spick with limp dick he destroy beats harder than limb bizkit and makes sure all the white bitches be diggin it. Open your eyes chinaman and watch wang ripshit and fistfuck your famirys face with these lyrics, cum all in whiteman ears and small bitches clits not to mention down their throats, they better swallow it. Wang ditests all the self pity you wallowing in haters keep coming at wang trying to kamikaze him but wang bursts their bubble with the sharp end of a bobby pin cause wang really just donÔÇÖt give a shit ever since coming out of chinaland to learning the whiteman speak and making smile from cheek to cheek wang be suction cupping white bitch ass to his dick like the top of toilet seat bars leave whitemans puny ears scarred now thatÔÇÖs whatÔÇÖs called the boiling heat wangs the Lebron of this Miami heat filled with Miami vice wang donÔÇÖt need advice as he puts yellow rice in the wounds and salt in the eyes, wang left dent in whiteman womans thighs and laughed as stupid whiteman cried jacking wangs gigantic dick to his delight wang drenched his face from tip of dick with old millerlight wang welcomes all the white America to the millerwang high life

Introducing prease, Krack White: standing on the corner selling some krak Trying to make some bank so I can relax Afterthe deal I ditch the spot Cuz with the popo rollin round makes it hot Got mad drugs stashed in my hat Most niggas donÔÇÖt know that I carry agat But donÔÇÖt worry lil bitch I got yo fix All I want is the cash, Not moin my stash But you donÔÇÖt know how it is to sell That lil white rock taking you to hell Cookin and sellin five years o more Cant really say whats its all been for Never been caught by the black and white Lucky cuz thatÔÇÖs 10 years off ya life Krack white makes deals with the devil Other dealers cant even touch my level My krack is top of the line While rich niggas be drinkin wine I be high as fuck off that krack Most other niggas think im whack You donÔÇÖt know how it is to deal Cuz one day you realize shit got real
#RhymenAllDay #RedFishBlueFish´╗┐
The Doc get it! It all comes down to choice.

No matter what age.
No matter what height.
You get to choose...
That's your right.´╗┐
Heard this one at a graduation speech this weekend, I have always loved it.´╗┐
No truer words had been spoken.´╗┐
This has made my day. What words of encouragement. Needed that´╗┐
i lyke all tht... its funn wen yo ass ryme´╗┐
smart syaing i live by this all tme fav quate by him´╗┐
exactly, enuf of people saying, i didn't become this or that because of my father or family or background e.t.c. get up and do something with ur life or else what you're afraid of that prevents you from breaking out will always hold you down!´╗┐
i sure don't have brains at all. lol and i have WAY 2 much foot. heck i cudn't steer 4...´╗┐
he's a straight shooter just like Miro was prolly hehe´╗┐

Overall rating´╗┐
your choice...your voice.´╗┐
Love Dr Seuss full of so much wonderful advice....for all ages!!!´╗┐
Yeah....Dr Seuss´╗┐
I used to love Dr Seuss when I was little. But I grew out of it.´╗┐
Yeah,but now I read it to my kids and they love it!´╗┐
really Awesome Qoute
......... i love This´╗┐
It's true we all have choices in this world we just have to choose them and sometimes we choose the wrong one.´╗┐
From my favorite Seuss book.´╗┐
"IÔÇÖm quite happy to say.
That the Sneetches got really quite smart on that day.
The day they decided that Sneetches are Sneetches.
And no kind of Sneetch is the best on the beaches.
That day, all the Sneetches forgot about stars and whether
They had one, or not, upon thars."
I am so ready for people to become as smart as these fictional Sneetches. Tons of Love to Dr.Seuss´╗┐
That is painted on the wall at my school. ´╗┐
I love that quote´╗┐
I know this is truly right and i also love Dr,Suess!´╗┐
so I believe------------------------------------------watch out for drones.´╗┐
I couldn't havesaid it better!´╗┐
My daughter's kindergarten teacher used this on her students' graduation certificates. ´╗┐
I just heard this at a graduation ceremony yesterday! #Freaky´╗┐
Iwatch your movie every time. It is great ´╗┐
Soooooooooooooooooo True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heard this somewhere before, but now it's coming back to mind, my mind that is!´╗┐
Funny how these rhymes do not register when you are young BUT now that you are older it jumps right off the page. At least for me anyway!´╗┐
i miss dr.seuss! even though i have never met him but i wish i did!!´╗┐
Given how people are, one might easily question that statement. Especially the part about brains.´╗┐
nice post tht sounds likee my teacher!:////´╗┐
but there's only ONE DIRECTION´╗┐
Dr. Suess continues to bring wisdom into my life :-)´╗┐
Oh, The places you'll go! My son loves this book lol.´╗┐
True I just wish people would´╗┐
That is really really true
i miss you, you miss me, we miss each other.´╗┐
you know wat direction i choose?? One Direction!!!!!!!!ÔÖą´╗┐
This is good motivation for starting my own business next month thanks ´╗┐
I love Dr. Seuss!
He's so awesome!´╗┐
+stephanie try another direction its thrilling´╗┐
+frankie dt means ur future is in ur hands.. :-)´╗┐
That'sssss rightttttt!!! Trololololol´╗┐
HELLO Guys ! i am new on it´╗┐
From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.´╗┐
+syed... Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐
And that, my friends, is EXACTLY what I did last week!´╗┐
yup and thats in one direction´╗┐
LOL It's cool but kinda funny. :)´╗┐
Always have will be wise. thanks god for the amazing Dr. Suess
I love how his rhyming words make so much sense when you apply it to life.´╗┐
My favorite author for 45 years. :-)´╗┐
Dr. seuss and green eggs and ham. I remember that book´╗┐
This book was my favorite graduation gift! LOL´╗┐
year thats all we wana here . Just hoping that the world can get this messege and look life with a wise eye as perspective.´╗┐
R.I.P DR.Seuss! thats a pretty good msg! (;´╗┐
but what if the world ends what direction would i go in then ?? hmm...´╗┐
this is cute! love it! :D´╗┐
that is so cool love that :)´╗┐
If only everyone knew that.....´╗┐
"so, who is your fav. poet.?" "um.. i'm a suess fan." and after all that chat about how much i love William Shakespeare, i released dr. suess like a flock of doves.´╗┐
lol i wish i could meet dr.seuss and if i did i would be brilliant´╗┐
Lily H
thats cool´╗┐
Lily H
thats a good statement.´╗┐
Hmmmm. Is that why my soon to be ex is steering away from me? Is he really smarter than I think?´╗┐
I love this, but wouldn't it be really awkward if someone who didn't have feet read this?´╗┐
that's a good one because my little brother always used to say that I made him do it but he chose the direction to follow it...´╗┐
my bruv used 2 say i have no brain!! totally not true!!!´╗┐
if only just most of my friends did that. i might not be in the situation i'm in now´╗┐
i only choose one direction:)´╗┐
i dont know you but i agree mayuri sing´╗┐
Boom! I love it.... real talk´╗┐
I have seen this pic sooo many times!´╗┐
Thats is wisdom word, follow it , u will not regret it´╗┐
Nice ryhmes Dr.suess!very inspiring ´╗┐
I dont steer my self im not a car.....
but some people say that i don't have a brain (isn't dr. suess dead?)´╗┐
Ya that is really true´╗┐
cool i have a steering wheel in me some where´╗┐
i have seen that poster like everywhere i go´╗┐
Kat c
i love u jis ne b bnaya ma use bht pyar karon ga´╗┐
Wow, why the fuck did u add me´╗┐
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