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I can find no legitimate attribution of this quote to Dr. Seuss.  It appears most often attributed to "unknown".  
Yea that could easily be taken two ways.
Except smoking, and maybe crack. Definately smoking though.
THAT IS SUCH BAD ADVICE!!! >:( So what you're saying is, if you can't go a day without smoking that means you should never give it up? Wow, you're about to ruin people's lives (and lungs)
Well your taking it the bad way take it the other direction, if you want someone to love you because you love them, and even though they like you, you dont know it...should you stop or keep going, KEEP GOING if its on your mind
Try again girly I'll quite when I die 
yea, a passion for smoking
Wait, so if I'm a heroin addict, I should never give up on heroin, because as an addict I wouldn't be able to o a day without thinking about it... :/
EXACTLY MY POINT, Willow D'Arcy. Finally someone gets it!
+Caroline Fogleman  he is dead this is a person saying stuff he already said +Willow D'Arcy no but if you think about giving up on it every day then you should go for that...give it up anyway the thing this quote is referring too it the good stuff in life like love
Yeah not always but if theres a will theres a way so you have to find that way
Hardly porn, it is load of words!!!!! And your profile photo is ever so slightly very creepy.
What if they have a restraining order against you?
How did you know??..I can't go a day without Graphic Design on my mind.
C Banks
This is the stalker's motto. Lol
that is the truest statement I have ever heard
ok i just find it sooooooooo hard to disagree with anything dr seuss has to say...
does any of you guys here want to be my boyfriend so we can quote dr seuss all our lives? :-D
+Livie Bates I don't think about it but some people do.  Maybe the quote should just say, "Don't give up on something that is important to you".
Exactly what I plan on doing here on in
Everyone talking about drugs, smoking and the like are literal jerks. C'mon. How about applying it to dreams? Aspirations? LOVE? Furthering education? Your kids? I'm so tired of the negativity out there. Life's too short to be a jerk. Be kind! Be generous! If you don't have anything nice to say... keep your flippin' mouth shut!
i like this quote because it has true meaning behind to persevere and do well it life 'cause it dont get easier
thank you that is so true you are right post more of this the thing you wrote  is true but other think in not true 
u r a idol to almost everyone i know
Ah, I liked this quote. It isn't by Dr. Seuss. Why are we giving him credit for it? Nonetheless, nice words to live by.
shey go
thats right:)
dont give up.....
I disagree. Sometimes you can try your very bestest and the person STILL doesn't appreciate; that person is the world to you, yet he/she couldn't be bothered most times with you......
I wish i cud fnd sme1 2 love me...true dat doc!
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Not so. What if that something is hurting you? 
this advise should be in the book of worlds best advises
Unless of course, you have OCD. Then perhaps you SHOULD try to stop thinking about it.
What?! Anyway, I like these quotes I feel they are valuable In my life and also an inspiration 
Hey Nite, not everyone is a meth head lol 
I did a report on Dr. Seuss!!! And that was one of my quotes! LOL 
No see that's where you're wrong that's called border line Obsession, and you might be better off letting that shit go 
Sometimes you just git to let it go! Not everything you can't go without is good for you! Ever heard if replacing something!
That's so cool. It will motivate anyone to continue with their dreams. I know this For real.
Megan G
This is such a good quote!!
i thought u were dr. suess wheres the rhyme
uh i think he meant something like a dream that sounds impossible or something. not an addiction. 
YA but think if what your thinking about is insane like you killing yourself Im pretty sure you should give up inless you where that willing.
omg that is so terrible but true! i still like the quote though
Exactly! I told my EX no restraining order is going to stop us from being together!
That's really bad advice for a heroin addict..
It has to be something that does not harm.
So many inappropriate responses.  Must...type...them. No. It's Dr. Seuss. You cannot. But...I...must!!!
This is so true and words of wisdom... believe it or not!
Yup So True Never Give Up No Matter What You Go Trough ....
Yes , cause at the end , only me who dose matter to me 
What if that something you can't stop thinking about is something that harms your health?
I like this one...but in life some things u won't get always wht u love the its good to move on with ......!!
Sometime you have to went that person give up on you.
i love doctor suess. the lorax was hilarious & cuuuuutttttteeeee
Hmmm ... enjoy your restraining order while you're at it.
That something just might be toxic and unhealthy for you and in some situations, it's best to let go. #experience  
Dumb Quote. Why would you give up on something you needed.
one direction..............
I will not give up on anything
But Not Everything You Want Will Be Yours......
thats ture i keep on bleving i would live where  i live
Why can't you people spell?  You are on a computer with spellcheck!
munju s
No one and nothing in life is indespenseble
Omg that saying is awesome!!! I just love it!!!!!
This is way easier said than done my friend
untill the cops come and make you leave your own home
yep doc u ryt perseverence is da way owt of thngs
GOD .........his son ddnt give up on YOU ....... FROM THEIR ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE!!! So for everyone that said that this can go 2 ways.
GOD !!!.........his son ddnt give up on YOU!!! FROM THEIR ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE!!! So for everyone that said that this can go 2 ways. Theirs only 1 way from their anything is possible!!! THE BEST WAY TO LOOK AT IT!!! Just my opinion.
Uhhhh.......does that include if what you can't give up for a day is killing you? Food for thought......
Unless it's alcohol and you're an alcoholic, or drugs for a drug addict, or crime for the criminal, or a bad relationship, or unhealthy food...the list goes on
Its. True. Not. All my life. U. Know. ? 
That would be One Direction for me 
Be the driver of your mind or being driven by your mind... it's kind of choices
What if it's a cigarette ?
If you're still thinking about it, then you never really gave up on it in the first place.
That is absolutlely correct. people should never give up on anything. life is so important so people should make the best of it right?
I wish more people had this attitude. If everyone actually thought this way, I wonder what the world would be like today?
Never.say never again oo9. Dail m im a the mockers chouce guy andrew fraygin me tc camron to win 8 round shane v monty barret ..waitakere fgt box ng staydy em cool
Jess B
So I SHOULDN'T have deleted my facebook?
This is so true......I try to get this boy that I like to like me back and I never gave up.....still working on it....
That is not true. A thought is a thought, until you put it into action. Depending on if it is a good thought or bad thought.
You should only go through with a good thought. It may end up really hurting someone. :-) :-P !

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Well. Unless you're criminally insane. 
amazing this is the best quote i have ever seen today!!!!!!!!!!!
Very nice, that's good device, thanks I'll use it.
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Yep just do it. Never hurts to at least try and give ur all
Neva giving up on soccer
The dudes rite 
Let the ststment dictates our thinkings
I like his books thx for the good quotes!
That's a constant reminder me your mission ! 
tell this to a heroin addict
Really loved a boy, then I shouldn't give up on him, that sort of thing.
Way too much for me I give that up right away.....cigarettes....
An anti-quote "Someone doesn't know when to give up".
A Clark
So, not coffee then...
i feel like i should never give up on anything!
again I say...HE'S FUGDING GENIUS!!!
u know i think we shouldn't give up anythings
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heard it before..still,glad to hear it again coz it is so true..
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