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ikr and first comment:-)
lol! i think there are plenty of those in the wold xD
Yes and I have one thing to say

I said what I meant
And I meant what I said
Cause an elephants faithful
One hundred percent!!!

Dr. Suess

Lol and one last thing

Unless someone like you
Cares a whole awful lot
Nothing's going to get better
It's not

-Dr. Suess

Lol :):):):):):):):):):)
So true, We were born in this world but we are not of it.
Ihave been wordering is Dr.Seuss real
I just want to see a pic of him let me try on google
Yup I saw a pic of him 
Be who you are because your a shining star........... :)
Love it 
I love that pic cause it is so true
Dr. Seuss is my hero! One of many....:D
yeah he is real but he died a long time ago.
yeah, but I love his children's stories and poems, such as 'Oh, the places you go!'
well not a long time ago but he was in his 50's.
Dr.Seuss is the bomb!:-) i love him still watch every morin@10 on 56:-)
yeah, but everyone stands out so that everyone fits in, atleast that is what i think unless it is just me
I luv it....suits me just fine coz I luv attension.
It's because we are scared of not being accepted by those we crave to be accepted by.. 
Exactly, this is one reason why we are here on earth.
Unique girls are attractive blinks eyelashes
Andy L.
WOW! inspiring.
thats the rule i live by!!! i luv u dr. seuss
Ain't dr seuss dead?. . . . . . I try and stand out. . . Then everyone stands and then I don't. . . . . . Picking up what I'm putting down?
Yep, just about describes my abnormality. :)
Still standin out in a crowd :)
We should be PROUD to be different!
wait. doctor sues said that? dude, how awesome can that guy get?
hard too when your own mama dont like you either!
so if everybody wanted to stand out how would ANYBODY stand out????
If you are different then it attracts people more...... I am different snd i have sooooooooo many friends. If you fit in you are just BORING but if you are different then people will have something to like about you.
A definite role model, that's what Dr. Suess was.
u were born diffrent as in yuu are one in a kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!
That's why we stand in our own circle ain't that right family & team
Some people I know should REALLY see this.
Ur Alive dr Seuss or is this someone else
Mmmmm I'll remember that ;)

Thanx Dr Seus ;)
Very true and wonderful. I love it :D
It's true my school is doing the musical susical 
that is sooo awesome
I love being different, if we were all alike it would be a pretty boring world. Yes I thank you to Dr Seuss. <3<3 =^.^=
Dr. Seuss was a great book writer I wish he made more though ^_^
This is weird,but i wear an orange hat to school to stand out.
I think there's a difference between trying to stand out and just standing out because of who you are. Be yourself. 
yea that's true everybody says im weird but in a different way im not quit sure what it means but everybody callls me that so i have to live with it lol
Well I feel so much better knowing im not the only crazy freak in this world....until tomorrow that is!!!!
EXACTLY!!! its ok to be weird!!!!now i just have to convince all my friends that im normal....
Ahhh more good teaching from Swami Suess! ;)
thats what i do stand out everyday
Xii Cin
Yeah. That is just so true. 
Wow, sounds like something I'd say lol.
Why is it you have to "+1" something?! Why can't it just be simple and say "like" or just have a dang "thumbs up"? Ripping off Facebook? Somewhat... Making life easier? HECK YES!!! This comment has no consolation to the picture... I just felt the need to pull a small little random "rant session" for no particular reason... Carry on with your lives.
(╯°□°)╯︵(ヽ.□.)ヽ World! Y u no accept people like me!? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
GiIR:I don't know (fir is part of a show an old show called Invader ZIM) but I luv being different! !
Because since everyone is trying to be unique at the same time, it does not seem to be unique... 
Sincerely, your belly fat. 
What if you work for the government as a sleeper in a foreign country this advice is not helpful
Something to remind yourself of next time you're feeling insecure
I like that i know im spetial
We born in these word.that we have to stand by our self alone with thy help of our god
every body is unique in their own way and should be able to express and show how they feel! :)
It's true. even tough some people will make fun of you like bully's.  But it's true!
Just thought of saying this but All of you people are awesome and you are amazing and if someone says you don't look right just ignore and say to yourself That you look amazing. Just saying.
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