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Aaron Miner
Author, Animation Producer, Student, Entrepreneur and—in my dreams—Mad Scientist.
Author, Animation Producer, Student, Entrepreneur and—in my dreams—Mad Scientist.

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A Wylde Sale Appears Yonder!
The Kindle edition of  Rosaria of Venice , Book One of The Renaissance of Rosaria Adalberto , is on sale for the holidays! In the year 1491, during a steam-powered Renaissance, Rosaria Adalberto seeks a theory of electromagnetism—but finds conspiracy and in...

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Windy howls on wintry eve muffle sounds of merriment. Snow-packed squalls wrack porch and wall; the black of Yuletide storm swallows the glow of jubilation. Midnight chimes long since sounded, echoes drown’d in frosty tempest, No dawn clutches at inky sky. ...

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Site Maintenance
I am in the process of migrating and to a new provider and faster server. While the transition should prove seamless, I cannot guarantee it. Temporary outages or malfunctions might occur.

However, once the transfer is compl...

Post has attachment Back Online, With More Adjustments on the Way is finally back online, although I am still making adjustments. I am reposting my original update from Rosariabooks, as it applies to readers of the blog as well. You may read the original post here . Rosariabooks is back online, finally, t...

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Website Upgrade Progress Report
As of this weekend, I have migrated over to the new infrastructure. The process, however, did not transfer all of my settings and therefore parts of the website need to be rebuilt. will be offline until Wednesday evening to en...

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Update On Website Upgrades is presently offline. Due to an unforeseen quirk of my domain setup, Runicfire will remain online until the tail end of the transition. When Runicfire transitions, this blog will still be accessible at until the new s...

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Website Maintenance 05/16 - 05/22
This announcement was originally posted on, and will be down for maintenance beginning tonight, May 16th, circa 8PM PST as these new websites are transitioned to the new system. While I will b...

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Runicfire Site Update Announcement
In order to better integrate my personal website with my novel's website,, I will be transitioning to Wordpress over the next seven to fourteen days. While I will be importing all of the content from this website, the new blog will be using...

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Monday links are back! Abusing adultery laws, box office hype, and naming a new genre. Read all about it:

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Monday Links 08/30/15: Adultery By Any Other Name, Less-Than-Stellar Star Wars, and Steamfunk's Sibling
It’s been a long hiatus, and woefully unplanned, but at last
Runicfire returns with a new edition of Monday Links! The notion that humans are obsessed with sex is all but an
axiom. Every society on earth possesses its own sets of customs and taboos
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