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This place is the worst dump I've ever stayed in , through all my travels. The guy at the desk straight up lied to me about the amenities that came with the room. First thing he said ," I give you very best,nice room". I said,"Is there internet?" ,"Oh yes yes, of coarse we do" , he states.I pay him for the room, site unseen. The room had no heat/ac. I found a electric heater in a dresser.No pillows.No light in bathroom. No phone. NO INTERNET!! Which he continued to lie about. He said he would Bring me pillows and check the wireless. 5or6 hrs later hes gone. finally this girl brought pillows ,still no wifi. Next day I left to find new motel.when I gave him back the door key he was still claiming he had wifi. while i'm turning to leave out of the stench..... and lack of hotel management skills, I can hear him across the parking lot ,"I give you better deal and free wifi" OMG I left 14 hrs before my check out time. I can't give even 1 star , in good consious. It won't submit my review unless i do at least 1 star. My true review is 0 stars. Be AFRAID!!
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