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AWS case study on our move to the Cloud
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Without promoting your messages on Facebook, you are effectively standing in the corner of the Social Media Party, talking to yourself. 
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Happy, happy birthday, +Cheryl Lindo Jones !  Hope it's a special day!

From what I see on Facebook it looks like +Betty Tank has had her little baby. Congratulations to you and Andy - enjoy this wonderful day.

Happy birthday +Carl Plage !  Have a wonderful day!

You're probably over talking about Instagram, but I'm still debating about what to do with it, and so I thought I'd ask for your comments to contribute to that conversation in my head :)  The thing is that it has broadened to concern more generally.

I've enjoyed Instagram, as another community, and sharing photos with a variety of people.  While photography is not a profession it is a passion.  And I was totally ticked off when I heard about what Instagram was planning to do, to randomly use people's photos wherever.  I deleted my account right away as a protest.  I'm not against them making money, just doing it in that way.  I want to choose what happens to my photos.  I know that once they get out there in public you've lost all control over what happens, and the only safe ones are the ones not published. 

In a way the way they handled things (and I don't see things greatly improved), was almost the straw which broke the camel's back on ANY social media.  Over the years of being early adopters with this, we keep on seeing takeovers, favorite things being killed off, etc.  I'm almost at the point of going "why bother with any of it".

But then I've loved the connections made over the years and wouldn't want that to stop.

And what to do with sharing photos when you're out and about?  Just about service is likely to be risky, too, unless they're put in a walled environment, locked out to the public.  But that all kind of defeats the purpose of it all.

How are you handling all of these things?  Are you posting photos live anyway while you're out and about?  What am I missing in thinking about this?

Vive la France! Joyeux Le Quatorze Juillet!
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Most of my posts here are private, limited to particular circles, so I thought I'd post a Public statement of where I'm at with Google +:

I love Google +, and can see using it more and more as time goes on. Here's why:
* It's quick and responsive
* I like being able to edit my posts (fixing typos)
* Having no [small] limit to the post length allows for more natural expression of thoughts
* Threaded posts allow for conversation, which allows for deeper interactions
* Being able to easily include photos / videos / links adds to the communication
* Having circles allows me to tailor what I express to different groups, just like in real life
* I haven't tried a hangout yet, but from all I've heard of it I can see how helpful it will be as time goes on
* I'm loving seeing Google's responsiveness with this, even including the Send Feedback button on the page

Yes, I know there are negatives, but the positive outweighs those.

I'm not interested in numbers, but in quality of communications, so initially will mostly only add people to circles I've already communicated with via other avenues (Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, etc.). Slowly my circle of circles will expand.

Thanks for all the convos already. It will be fun watching this develop and see who else I get to meet along the way.
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