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Keeping House, 1950s Style
Keeping House, 1950's Style This really looks like a crazy amount of work 1.      Upon waking get dressed, put on your face
(make up) and style hair 2.      While in bathroom do a quick tidy.   Put away misplaced items Swish toilet with brush Wipe down sink...

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Weekly Chores
Monday Entrance Clean
cobwebs Dust
window sills and front door Clean
switch plate of hand prints and door if needed Front Porch Sweep
down cobweb Sweep
off porch furniture. Sweep
the porch. Throw
away any dead plants. Prune
back tree branches from the entra...

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Can I please pee alone?
Yes, it's something all of us mothers dream of, a small moment of peace and quiet where we can do our business, or heaven forbid enjoy a shower gasp ALONE! You hear everywhere tales of helicopter moms, well I have helicopter kids.  Seriously the just hove...

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Keeping my chin up...stiff upper lip...etc....
I am trying to develop a thick skin...damn it's hard to do!  Self promotion is a really hard thing for me to do.  But I believe in this business and in my family and I will do whatever I have to do.  I have reached out to some of my online heroes, I have al...

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I was driving Mini Me home from dance today and listening to some tunes and after having "Let it Go" on repeat for 15 minutes, I decided to move on to the next song.  I had recently downloaded "Graduation (Friends Forever)" by Vitamin C.  This was THE song ...

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I survied...again
September 29th I woke up at 2am with my chest hurting and trouble breathing.  Blasted stress!  It had been a tough two weeks, first working over 100 hours one week (20 hour days) and then a second week about 75 hours but with a chest cold ugh!  It took hour...

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The Hallwed Grave
The Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride in my favorite place in the world.  Stepping through those doors I am transformed into a giddy, giggling little girl!  I love the paintings on the wall, the storm outside the window, the thick layer of dust and cobweb...

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Following my dreams...
A couple of months into dating my husband we decided we wanted to own a business together.  That was ages  8 years ago.  It has stayed a dream of ours, but we have never really been in the position of doing it.  But last September when I was hospitalized fo...

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Please check out our Indiegogo campaign and help us realize our dream!

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