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Louise CF
I write about aging naturally, one wrinkle at a time.
I write about aging naturally, one wrinkle at a time.

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Valentine's Day
I'm sending love out into the world today. To those in the far reaches of the earth, who might need it most. To those close-by, who might feel that they haven't a hand to hold, anywhere. I'm sending love out into the world today Because I know we're all a l...

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A Track In The Snow
I am still sorely missing my friend who died last week. First there was shock of her sudden death, then the celebration of her life and now, the reality that my memories with her are done being made. Especially hard I think because she is the first friend I...

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When A Wall Comes Down
In honor of my floral loving friend, Liz I've been flattened this week with some very sad news. This past Thursday morning I lost my dear friend Liz, who was my longtime walking buddy. She died very suddenly from complications of the flu/asthma. When I say ...

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The Chakra of Love
The beautiful lotus flower represents the heart chakra. I've been reading up on the 7 chakras and especially liked learning more this week about the 4th chakra, our heart chakra.  The chakra of love. Love, the ultimate healing force. Especially important th...

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And That's How We Know
I wish I'd seen this years ago. Such a good message. Happy weekend everyone! xo

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What Is
In the wake of all the crazy things that are happening, such as the shootings in Fort Lauderdale recently, I'm finding it helpful to come back to what is right and what is working, and more than ever, to be very grateful for it all. We can sometimes get so ...

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I couldn't help posting this because it's so accurate and funny. The delicious coconut macaroons dipped in dark chocolate that I over indulged in, not to mention the plentiful glasses  of cheer, are now living not so peacefully on my thighs omgoddie. On thi...

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Blessings Eternal
In the end, when all the hunting and gathering was done, love and my Christmas spirit arrived and I had a really nice time hosting. I think I just need to allow my pre-holiday frustration to seep out sometimes, kind of like letting the air out of an overly ...

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If Men Breastfed
Oh how I have missed blogging but life seems too topsy-turvy lately while preparing to host Christmas. Just between you and me, I hate the holiday hustle...frankly, besides the tree and sparkly white lights and being together, I could just skip it. And even...

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Drinking From The Sky
One breath and then another SLOWLY GENTLY DEEPLY Breath is the link between our body and our mind, where no one can steal our peace.
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