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Louise CF
I write about aging naturally, one wrinkle at a time.
I write about aging naturally, one wrinkle at a time.

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Finding the Good
One of the challenging things for me this past year has been receiving the news that my youngest daughter, Julia Fernandes , has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease. She is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. As her mother, y...

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My niece, Vira, posted this on her Instagram last week. So good! I've said I've been busy before and haven't explained why. Just busy taking care of me. The best kind of busy. No explanation needed to take time out for ourselves. No explanation needed anyti...

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Turning Anxiety
I don't have an April Fool's joke to share with you about this weekend but I do have a really good video to for you. (Thank you Bob). I recently heard someone say that before they speak publicly that they jump up and down and slap their thighs. I didn't get...

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Remind Me
Most of us are probably familiar with the Reminders App on an Iphone. This little app has revolutionized my life in the past year. Because of it, gone are the post-it notes on my mirror, doors and car dash board- as well as those scribbled in ink on the bac...

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You Always Have
Another great quote to share for all of us when life grows challenging. With love and peace, Louise

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Such a great quote. There are some things in life that cost us of our peace that we can't really avoid- and then there are the other things that we can. These are the things that are especially important to be aware of, and steer clear of, to take better ca...

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Trusting in Our Higher Power
With the new moon yesterday, my first grand-nephew has arrived and a friend's father passed away. It seems I grieve my own father, once again, every time this happens. I've been thinking about the devine energy and love that resides within us all. Perhaps t...

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Valentine's Day
I'm sending love out into the world today. To those in the far reaches of the earth, who might need it most. To those close-by, who might feel that they haven't a hand to hold, anywhere. I'm sending love out into the world today Because I know we're all a l...

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A Track In The Snow
I am still sorely missing my friend who died last week. First there was shock of her sudden death, then the celebration of her life and now, the reality that my memories with her are done being made. Especially hard I think because she is the first friend I...

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When A Wall Comes Down
In honor of my floral loving friend, Liz I've been flattened this week with some very sad news. This past Thursday morning I lost my dear friend Liz, who was my longtime walking buddy. She died very suddenly from complications of the flu/asthma. When I say ...
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