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Mike Knoop
Co-founder, CPO @ Zapier
Co-founder, CPO @ Zapier

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"This is truly the best thing I have seen for Glass in it's existence.  If you are a Glass user, you have to start using this." Love it!
Google Glass explorers: here's another new app to try out: 

It's one of the apps that was entered in our contest. I'm helping the team judge the best ones right now. You'll meet several of them at  Techcrunch Disrupt next week in the studio +Rackspace has built for me (come say hi, it's right by the front door).

I arranged for a $1100 off discount. Use ScobledSF2013-extend at

More like this all next week. If you are building something Google Glass related, let me know! 

Oh, and if you are a startup we're building a Google Glass coworking space in San Francisco, too at our offices at Folsom and Second Street. Great location, if you are interested, drop me a line or check out

Just learned that Y Combinator graduate +Estimote will be one of the first companies located there too (we're gonna have quite a contextual time!)

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Launching our +Zapier and Google Glass integration today. Now Glass talks to 200+ services.

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Dusting off the blog... Easy SEO wins I almost forgot about.

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We just launched Zapier! First press is rolling in...

What are strategies to get more people posting on Google+?

Plan for the week: watch Box Elder. "Mizzou meets Animal House"

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Waiting for Super Stickman Golf on Android...

To invite people to Google+:

1. Add them to a Circle
2. Share a Post with that Circle
3. Click the "Also send to email address"

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