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Version 6.3 is rolling out in beta. I made some bad architecture decisions on how to store plays. So after years of weird crash reports and complaints about play logging not working, I revamped it. In some of my tests, the player data became associated with the wrong play. I couldn't duplicate the problem reliably, so in the end, I forced the plays to resync to get everything back in order.

I overhauled the GeekList UI to include comments among other things.

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Version 6.1 Beta has been released. If anyone has experienced difficulty logging plays with Android 7, this should fix it (among other changes of course). As always - feedback is welcome!

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I'm thinking of removing the ability to hide/show certain fields while logging a play. I originally added it we screen real estate was more precious than it is today. I was thinking I would hide quantity, incomplete, and don't count win stats, allowing these presumably seldom-used fields to be added as desired, while always displaying location, length, and comments. I wanted to get this group's thoughts on this feature. Thanks!
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One of my favorite features
I use it, but I won't miss it.
Wait... that's a feature?

6.0.0 beta is rolling out now!

I'm pushing out a new beta release that should fix the RetrofitError problem report by Paul Vincent (and many others). I'd appreciate if someone would let me know if this fixes the problem for them before I try to release it to the masses. Thanks!

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Version 5.2-beta.1 will be published tonight. It's been so long, I don't even remember all of the changes, but the highlights are here: Thanks for your feedback!

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I've been waiting 19 years for this album. I haven't listened enough to know if it will live up to expectations, but it certainly sounds like Failure (which is good).

5.1.1 has been pushed to the Beta channel. This primarily fixes the issue with settings crashing on pre-lollipop devices.

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Hey everyone. I'll be posting version 5.1 to the beta channel soon. You can see the list of changes here:

Your feedback is welcome!

5.0.2 in beta. A few more bug fixes, but also a couple of tweaks based on user feedback.
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