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Please excuse this post it is a bit of a test.

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Help out Ether from my friend Andy Wood.
My friend +Andy Wood  wants to make a game, conveniently he works for Double Fine

However, he needs your support. His game made it through the first round of voting and now he needs to be given the green light by the rest of you. He and I worked together on the Maximo games, he has worked at Crystal Dynamics on Tomb Raider. I think he can be trusted to carry this forward and create an action adventure game with a unique feel. So please give him (and some of the other Double Finers) some love by voting over at +Humble Bundle's Amnesia Fortnight page (

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Rigonauts has been released as part of +Indie Royale 's latest bundle. Please check it out.
The Alaska Bundle is LIVE with 5 games: Electronic Super Joy, March of the Eagles, Rigonauts, Sengoku & 99 Spirits

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Cannon Brawl is the game that beat us in that years Activision Independent Games Competition. So we want to wish +Pete Angstadt and the rest all the best.

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The team that won the Activision Competition (Rigonauts was second place) is coming out with their game soon. Please check 'em out.
Cannon Brawl is the other Activion Competition winner
One of the treats in the game meetup I went to last week was meeting up with +Pete Angstadt from Turtle Sandbox. His team were the first place winners of the Activision Independent Games Competition and will be released on steam soon. We at +Engient  wish them all the best on their upcoming launch.

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1/2 of our founders +Ian Slutz talks about things he wish he had known at the start of Rigonauts.
PostMortem - Ian Slutz: "What I wish I had known"
Last night I gave mini-micro talk at the Game Dev Postmortem held by Unknown Worlds. I talked about the three things I wish I had known at the outset of +Engient 's Rigonauts. It is a short talk and I talk fast so hopefully that is a Good Investment in your time.
PostMortem - Ian Slutz: "What I wish I had known"

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That new version is live.
The update for Rigonauts HD went live yesterday. Memory usage is down by 1/3rd so the game will be much more stable. Also, the save corruption bug has been bandaided (If a level crashes twice on load the game will clean up the corrupted ship).

Please enjoy and remember that written positive reviews in the store help us a lot.

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We have fixes for the big bugs, but are struggling to get Apple to pass us for totally unexpected reasons.
Oh my. We submitted a fix for iOS Rigonauts that will solve some big bugs and Apple has rejected it. Their problem? I will let them describe it in their own words:

"Since your app includes content or features that pertain to guns or gun-related activities, your ratings must reflect a "Frequent/Intense" setting for "Realistic Violence" in iTunes Connect."

Here is a trailer for Rigonauts:

Does that look like a game that deserves Apples strongest label for violent content? The ESRB thought we were E 10+. But what is even stranger, Apple had previously passes this game with previous settings.

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Rigonauts HD 1.01 is uploaded to Apple land. Will hopefully be available soon.
We just uploaded a new build of Rigonauts HD to Apple and have requested an expedited review. There are two main fixes:
1. Memory Footprint Reduced by 1/3
Some people were experiencing getting kicked out of the game wwaaaayyy to often. By reducing the memory usage the game will be much much more stable.

2. Save Corruption Bug
In the current version of the bug it is possible for the ship of a single level to be come corrupt so that the game won't let you load that level anymore. Now if a level fails to load twice we clear the corrupt ship so you can proceed. Also, since this bug was most likely caused by being dumped from the game due to low memory, you will probably never need it.

I will let everyone know when this is live.

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I hope this is worth some internet points.
Last week the release of Rigonauts HD on iOS (see produced something crazy. A quote I made appeared as the sub title to the Something Awful iOS Games Megathread. I am sure for most of you this won't mean much. But as a person who has been reading Something Awful for over a decade it made me happy.

I guess it is a personal as well as +Engient first.
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