Yang Rui's Lost Tweets Part 8: The Jews Control America's Finances

Back in 2011, CCTV host Yang Rui published several posts on his Sina Weibo discussing his views on Israel and Jews. These posts were published and translated by the Shanghaiist blog on May 24, 2012, shortly after Yang generated controversy with his Weibo posts praising the Chinese government for "cleaning up foreign trash" and "kicking out that foreign bitch" (a reference to Al Jazeera reporter Melissa Chan). http://shanghaiist.com/2012/05/24/cctv-yang-rui-anti-semite.php

Within days of the Shanghaiist drawing attention to Yang's 2011 posts, those posts (like the "foreign trash" posts) were deleted. I have no idea whether Yang deleted them himself or if Sina censored them. Either way, I've taken screenshots of three of the posts, and will post them along with translations of the posts and the comments.

October 24, 2011 - http://www.weibo.com/1348026261/xufzEf5NO

Americans are free but not equal -- two party politics opposes government interference with society, after the financial crisis blew up not one person has been brought to task. Whoever wants to be the President has to curry favor with the Jews because they hold both the financial and media worlds in their grasp. Whoever wins a general election must yield to the choices of the voters. Average Americans have the right to bear firearms, but the right to be free from harm is extremely not equal. America has freedom in immigration but there are several million illegal immigrants, and these illegal immigrants essentially become like black slaves.


Teacher, there is no country that has absolute equality. A society should be considered just if it is able to achieve governance for the people, is comparatively honest, listens to the people, and has impartial justice.

From the beginning a major goal of American law was the provision that citizens were permitted to own guns, so as to permit the public to oppose illegal activities. If Chinese people were permitted to own guns, then China would similarly not descend into chaos if when all is said and done the average person still had some understanding.

As a host, if you decide to explain something by way of cursing everyone and everything, then its better if you don't call yourself a host.

This critique from Mr. Yang is a bit moribund in its thinking. America's policy problems are not the result of one person's handling.

If you can use a gun to kill the innocent, you can also use a knife, poison, or a car to achieve the same result. Do you want to restrict knives?

Do you have data on how many people die in America each year from private firearms? Have you considered the advantages that private gun ownership brings? If China permitted private firearms, would officials still dare victimize people?

Property is the greatest attribute of slavery, and the descendents of slaves remained as property, and were unable to control their own destiny. But illegal immigrants are completely free people. They can change jobs, and if they want to return to their country, they can return to their homeland at any time, with an airplane ticket courtesy of the US government. Their offspring will be genuine Americans. Exactly in what way to see these illegal immigrants as being like slaves? Do you not feel like these illegal immigrants should be thanking the US government?

America isn't as good as we think it is, nor is it as bad.

If two party politics opposes government interference in society, then does one party wink at government interference in society?

This reasoning is no different than an unsuccessful student, do not ridicule an outstanding student for having failed to achieve a perfect test score. In the end you're just jealous and hateful.

Its better than places with no freedom and no equality.

The situation is like this.

"The right to be free from harm is extremely not equal." Is there any normal person who can understand what this means?

It is very philosophical in appearance. You cannot confuse equality-in-law with equality-in-fact, potential equality with resulting equality. You also can't confuse freedom and equality.

The problem is why are so many people willing to illegally immigrate and not willing to remain in their homeland? Does this indicate that being in one's homeland is less preferable to illegally immigrating (and becoming a black slave)? Thinking about it!!

Teacher Yang sums it up nicely.

Half hell, half heaven.

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