Designing A Kitchen

I've been focused on designing kitchens a certain way since forever. Some may not agree with my approach, in fact, quite a few may not. Here's what I do:

I believe that since kitchens are renovated once, maybe twice in one's life which I never cease to think about and respect when I'm designing for my clients, as many viable plans which suit the space should be presented.

I'm thinking about this because I have drawn up 14 plans for a kitchen (images shown are from an older project, not this current one I'm speaking of) which are meant to be viewed as very preliminary plans. Just wait to see how they get reduced in number :) They are fully developed but do not include cabinet details. They just include countertop distribution, dining space, appliance locations, doors and windows. They are fitted and unfitted kitchen designs.

Doing it this way allows the clients to see the flow and most importantly, to compare one plan to another. The exercise is then, to begin to eliminate plans early.

Out of those 14 (I know, other professionals are saying, "she's crazy!" and that's ok) there are probably 3 or 4 that are ok but will not make the cut because, well, the others are better, so I won't present those.

It still sounds like a lot of plans, but out of those 10 that I will present, some of those are quite similar to others but with minor tweaks which are important to compare one to another, often unfitted vs fitted.

The concept here is "viable" plans presented to the client, not "any." 

I have partial control of my clients' kitchens. That's a big deal. Twenty-five years or thereabouts into this profession, as mentioned, I never forget that and therefore encourage/push/cajole my clients into taking their time to fully examine the possibilities for how they REALLY want to live in their kitchens. It's as rewarding a "job" as any I can imagine! Changing people's lives in their homes? We need to slow down the process, not speed it up. 

I do love the process!!

Disclaimer: These plans are fairly rough plans but tell the story of how one can live in the kitchen. On the "west" wall, there are doors to the patio which were to stay in place. On the "north" wall, there were to be doors or windows. On the southwest wall is a wide opening to other rooms which had to stay. The table needed to be round and could not change its shape per the clients. I rarely share my design work in the raw stages, but here's a little glimpse!

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