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Certified Kitchen Designer, Founder:
Certified Kitchen Designer, Founder:


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KBIS Trends - BIG Kitchen Sinks!!

Big kitchen sinks have been around in my designer circles for a few years, but this year they are going mainstream! Today's homeowners get these oversized sinks. They have a ton of features, all useful.

The mess is in the sink, not on the countertop. Prep for meats and veggies using different types of chopping blocks, prep cleaning, sink cleaning, draining, assembling all take place efficiently in these types of sinks. They're great-check them out!

#kitchensink #kitchen #kitchenremodeling #stainlesssteel #kitchendesign #design #home #cooking #countertops #foodie #modernkitchen
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Hardware-The Finishing Touch
It took me a year, on and off, to decide on hardware for my newly remodeled kitchen! On the other side of the kitchen, I have long wood handles. Once those holes are drilled, it's a big commitment so my advice is to take your time, although a year is definitely excessive!

#hardware #kitchen design #kitchen #kitchenremodeling #cabinethardware #wood #walnut #knobs #interiordesign

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Warm pinks are wonderful. Fleeting in the span of moments, the land and sky has a glow that is serene and beyond beautiful.

*pink ,*sky, *pinkskies, #water #clouds #sunset #boating #dock #summer #serenity #landscape

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Do you follow me on Instagram? Find me here: I'm posting all original content, exclusive to Instagram. On Instagram I talk about my rugs from, kitchen design, and sometimes rugs in kitchens!

But more than that, I'm sharing insights on how to get a very niche-y but cool look. It's an American/Scandinavian/Coastal point of view. Casual, modern, lived in and comfortable. Let me know your Insta name and if you like my feed, follow for new images and content.

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Multiple Kitchen Design Solutions

When designing a kitchen, an entire room that is designed and changed maybe just once or twice in a homeowner's life, it's critical to explore a variety of floorplans. This is true for any size kitchen. Here is an example of a few plans for a small kitchen.

The important questions to ask, well, some of them are:

Is socializing in the kitchen important?
How much counterspace is required?
How much storage is REALLY needed?
Will multiple people cook at the same time?
Should the style reflect the owner fully or is resale a factor?
What kind and size of appliances are REALLY needed/wanted?
How important is natural light and a spacious feeling?

Of course, there are so many other questions, but here's the thing too...even though a small change is made, it can thoroughly change the look and feeling of the kitchen as well as its use. Do you see the differences in one or two of these otherwise similar plans? It could make a very big difference to the clients.

Seeing a variety of plans, even with nuanced differences, are important!

#kitchen, #kitchendesign, #floorplan, #kitchenremodeling, #kitchenrenovation, #remodeling, #kitchendesigner, #homeimprovement
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My Personal Kitchen Remodel - Revealed!

What a long road it's been to designing my own kitchen. The process of designing in my personal aesthetic, my personal needs for cooking, comfort (there's a sectional sofa in this small kitchen!) product performance, movement, access and more involved getting in touch with that deeper place to express it in form and function. What a wonderful experience this journey was! It is what I do for others and to have the opportunity to design my own kitchen, partially as an experiment in design and function was liberating and fantastic.

But, the result? My husband and I are beyond thrilled with our kitchen! Thanks to Cabico, our beautiful cabinetry, Cosentino, Insinkerator and Kohler their support of my vision to design a thoroughly modern kitchen - with an emotional element I need and which I believe everyone should experience in one's own kitchen!

Thrilled to see it in DWELL!

#kitchen, #kitchendesign, #cabinetry, #cosentino, #cabico, #countertop, #kitchencountertop, #customcabinetry, #kitchensink, #kitchenfaucet, #hotwatertap, #appliances, #kitchenremodel, #interiordesign, #moderndesign, #scandinaviandesign

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A Swedish Rug As A Tablecloth?

Well, let's call it a textile! And it is just that. I've used a few of the "rugs" in my collection as tablecloths. Of course, they are well laundered, and the beauty is that most rugs/textiles of this type can be either hand washed or put in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, so no worries!

Keep it as a tablecloth and what a rich texture it is. It's special, it's fun, it's SO nice to have something different on the table that delights the senses and I wanted to share this image for a little bit of inspiration.

#rugs #textiles #diningtable #interiordesign #diningroom #homedecor

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Another easy but uber-tasty restaurant quality dinner today on the show at 12 Noon ET - how delicious does this look??
Learn to make Chinese Tangerine Beef
Live on blab Wed at 12:05 pm ET . My co-host +Susan Serra and I will be cooking up deliciousness for you and hope you can join us on blab.

Click on the link to join us

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