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Apparently this Google+ thing is not going to go away. I'll spend more time here someday.

Anyone have any tips for me for traveling to Central America? Specifically Honduras. +Josue Hernandez should have some gold.

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This sums up my feelings on facebook chat really well.

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+Darren Rowse is a smart dude and he's right on about how much faster Google+ is being adopted by people. I wasn't an early Facebook user, but was fairly early to Twitter and it seemed to take a long time for it to catch on.

I think now people are much more open to social networking in general and understand that when the biggest search engine in the world launches one (and does a killer job at it, too) they should pay attention.

What do you think?
It's pretty interesting to observe a lot of the same patterns happening with G+ as happened in the birthing stages of Twitter and even looking back into the early days of blogging.

For example:

- social media junkies consider it 'their network'
- people asking about G+ etiquette
- celebs start joining
- people setting up directories and lists of people in certain niches
- people asking 'where are the women'?
- spammers starting to creep in

(the list could go on)

The difference here though has been the speed at which these things are happening. The self-organization and building of a community here on G+ seems to be happening at a much faster rate than I saw it happen previously.

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If you're a fellow Chrome user and you've upgrade to OSX Lion you'll probably want to do this (I did):
"As for the two-finger swipe functionality that Safari now has, but Chrome does not, it’s still being debated in the Chromium threads. The consensus seems to be that Chrome should work just as Safari now does with the gesture defaults, but work has not yet begun on it. The work-around for now is to set swipe-between-pages to 3 fingers and swipe-between-full-screen-apps to 4 fingers in the settings of Lion. Not ideal, but it works for now."

Upgraded to Lion. Gonna take a little while to get used to swiping up to make the screen scroll down. Have you upgraded? What do you think?

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Looks like Start G+ (Chrome Extension) is the easiest way to integrate Facebook & Twitter into Google+.

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Kevin Rossen hung out with 2 people.Brian Rossen and Steve Rossen

Wondering if +David Andrews is actually a web/tech ninja
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