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Dear Friends, Please spread the awareness about first aid of heart attacks. My father in law lost his life last week because of delay in first aid as despite carrying the emergency medicine, he was not able to survive because he was with some unknown people who couldn't understand what to do. Probably, the awareness can save some life.

The moment you find someone feeling chest pain or pain under arms or out of breath or excessive sweating/thirst, check his pockets for emergency medicine, (if you find Sorbitol, most common medicine), place it under the tongue, loosen his tight clothes, make him sit relaxed, ask him to cough frequently. Rush to emergency immediately. Time is key in heart attack primary/emergency treatments.

It's best avoided to leave the people travelling alone if he is above 50 and has already faced attacks earlier. Also, wherever he goes, people around should be aware of his condition. Such patients must have some emergency contact number carrying in a paper or saved in mobile as ICE.

Spread the awareness and save life.
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