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Nicholas Kwiatkowski
VoIP, Video, ActionScript, Photos, Bikes and Beer...
VoIP, Video, ActionScript, Photos, Bikes and Beer...

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This meeting is going to be inspiring, educational, plus there will be lots of awesome attendees! Come join us! 

Anybody know any pens/digitizers that work with touchscreen laptops? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?  Looking to do more drawing with Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator but not coordinated enough to use a Wacom that is separate from the screen... 

Happy New Year everybody! Don't wish for a great 2014, make it happen.

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New version of the as3ArduinoConnector ANE is out! Major bug fix + DTE support :

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New blog post : Deploying CFML to the cloud using Amazon Web Services' Elastic Beanstalk  -

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On the 50yd Line at Spartan Stadium

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Published my first Android / iOS app written completely in Apache Flex (4.8.0).  It is a scavenger hunt where you are shown a list of pictures, and your goal is to find where they were taken.  Right now we really only have points in Michigan, but we will be expanding it very shortly :)

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Been working on an open-source project that connects Arduinos with AIR using AIR Native Extensions. This means you no longer need any more proxy applications to communicate with your Arduino, making installation and usage MUCH easier.

Please test it out and let me know what you think. The Windows version is done, and the Mac OSX version is coming very soon.
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