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Really cool article, wonder if it'll be true in 10 years.
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I love articles like this that discuss the beautiful and sometimes awesome things that could come out of these technologies. But, the thing I guess that bothers me the most as well as excites me is the speed at which we are adopting these new technologies. Believe it or not but all of the fear and trepidation of new technologies in the past actually made us do more research and take more precautions. For example....nanotechnology has the potential to cure almost every disease and virus ever created. But it also has the potential to destroy the world if even less than an eye drop of untested material is released in the wild(see ice9 and grey goo theories or read Michael Chrichton's "Prey"). These seem like things that would obviously be checked in development and testing but in today when things can be shared and tried by anyone in an instant, it only takes a singular screw up to cause a lot of damage or a planetary disaster(See Serenity). So I guess my opinion on a bunch of these technologies is tread on, but lets tread softly and carefully.
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