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Trip to the Atascadero cat shelter.
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Perler Beads: 3D Energy Tank from Megaman Tutorial
I posted a finished picture of this on the VGPerlers Facebook page a week or so ago, but I thought I'd give more in-progress shots on its construction. And by more, I mean one. Behold, the 3D Energy Tank: All the pieces Top row (trays 1-3): the 4 strips tha...

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Perler Beads: Tutorial on a New Hobby Part V
Time for another installment of how to make perler bead sprites! So now you know what supplies you need, how to get them for cheap(er), what colors of beads to order, and where to get sprites. Next comes the fun part: making cool stuff! The basic steps of m...

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Perler Beads: A Tutorial on a New Hobby
I've had some friends as of late express interest in getting into the art of perler beads, and I have also  had people ask for more blog posts, so I figured I'd be extra efficient today. First, let me give you a very quick background on beads. There are thr...

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Final Fantasy VI Enemies
I've been making a lot of Final Fantasy VI enemy sprites lately, so I thought I'd share. Chupon  Chupon post-ironing Brachosaur Brachosaur post-ironing Chupon reaching out to pull Brachosaur's tail Behemoth Behemoth post-ironing Next up is Tyranosaur, and I...

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I thought January was supposed to calm down after the holidays...
... but instead it's been just as busy. This week I had things going on every single evening, and while they were fun things, I was definitely ready for a weekend come Friday night. (So much so that I bailed on my Friday night obligation in favor of staying...

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Sunday Update
Just a quick weekend blog post to let people know what I've been up to. I'm hoping to do these every Sunday, or at least fairly regularly. The new job is going well. I worked on brainstorming new product ideas this week and fleshing out my ideas to figure o...

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origami creations!

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A few of our more ambitious Perler projects in the last few months...
The Kirby post was only a taste of what we've been up to lately, but I can tell I'm not going to be good about regularly posting pictures of our past projects, so this is an overview of our most ambitious projects since May. (Well, some of them are less amb...

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ChronoTrigger: Lucca Costume Bags
All right, we have the helmet , and we have the tunic . What's left? Oh yes. The bags. Lots of bags on Lucca's concept art. First things first: scope out some thrift stores to make this not cost an arm and a leg. Or maybe your closet if you are well stocked...
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