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Through her baby’s illness, Satan wanted her to deny and betray God. God enlightened her to penetrate Satan’s deceptions in this spiritual war. God guided her and she stood witness for God at the end.

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For Whom Man Should Live

Wasn’t clear for whom man should live. Now I’ve got the answer for it.
I used to live just for myself, seeking only status and fame.
Prayer to God full of fine words, yet holding to my own way in real life.
Faith based upon future and fate, I have no truth or reality.
Rituals and rules, confining my faith; I was left with nothing but emptiness.
Failing to live as a human, I don’t deserve God’s love for me.

My heart has been awakened now, telling me I should repay God’s love.
I hate myself for I had no conscience, disobeying God and breaking His heart.
Never have I cared for God’s heart; never was I concerned about His words.
Without conscience, having no sense, how can I be listed as man?
God’s judgment makes me see, I was deeply corrupted by Satan.
Evil, this world, full of traps; truth is what a believer should choose.
O dear God, You love me so, doing all You can to make me saved.
What You’ve done for me, I’ll keep in mind! I will never ever forget.
Care for God’s heart, that’s all my will. I am determined to pursue the truth.
Consuming myself to spend for God, offering myself to repay His love,
offering myself to repay His love.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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Yang Hou’en was a pastor of a house church in China. His father Yang Shoudao and he had always been waiting for the Lord Jesus to come upon a cloud and catch them up into the kingdom of heaven. For this reason, they worked diligently for the Lord and held onto His name, thinking that whoever claims to be the Lord Jesus but doesn’t come with a cloud is a false Christ. As to the news of the Lord’s return, they neither investigated nor accepted it, and they simply believed they were already “watching and waiting.” … Just when they were waiting passively, Li Jiayin, the cousin of Yang Hou’en, accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days and went to evangelize them. After several intense debates, Yang Hou’en finally understood what it truly meant to “watch and wait.” And he found that Almighty God’s word is the truth, the way, and the life, exactly the voice of the Lord, and he realized that Almighty God is the return of their long-awaited Lord Jesus….

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"Through the tribulation, we can see that God is almighty and wise; we see that the great red dragon is incapable and foolish. It is unbridled and savage, and has no other choice but to be involuntarily tossed to and fro by God’s work; it will forever be defeated in God’s hands. The great red dragon vainly attempts to scare God’s chosen people through cruel persecution and disturb and dismantle God’s work. It doesn’t realize that God is using this to perfect God’s people." >>Read More

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"If I didn’t experience the tribulation, I wouldn’t have true faith in God and wouldn’t understand the difficulty of God’s work and that saving people was not easy. If I didn’t experience the tribulation, I would not be able to see the true face of the great red dragon and I would still have delusions about this dark society, I would still have a fondness for this world and would not be able to follow God with an iron heart. It is God’s wonderful and wise work that has conquered me; it is God’s omnipotence and great love that has led me to where I am today!" >>Read More

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"Through this experience, I tasted the sweetness of practicing the truth and saw that formulating a motto could make myself consciously control revelations of my corruption, not only reducing my transgressions but also earning more opportunities to understand the truth." >>Read More

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"I’ve seen God is expecting us to give Him our heart, His eyes full of hope.
God speaks all His heartfelt words to me, and warns and exhorts me in every possible way.
His hope for me can be read between the lines.
Every word is from His heart, every word is from His heart.
His word inspires me and warms my heart, giving me strength, faith, and courage.
I deeply feel that God is venerable, amiable, and lovable;
I cannot love Him enough deep in my heart.
God is my beloved and my only One; His love draws me to follow Him closely.
God is my beloved and my only One; His love draws me to follow Him closely" (from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs).

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"The dialogue in the movie made me clearly understand that God’s new work stems from our living in the cycle of sinning and confessing without breaking free from the bondage of sin." >>Read More

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"In experiences I saw that although Satan constantly used the people, events, and things to disturb me and tried to cause me to deny and betray God, God had been enlightening and guiding me at my side, so that I was able to become strong in negativity and weakness, see through Satan’s plots every step of the way, and see the wonders of God’s work. After these experiences, I feel even more that there is nothing fearful about Satan’s disturbance and affliction because God is with me and He leads me personally to overcome the temptations of Satan." >> Read More

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"Thanks to God’s actual work, I know myself and understand that if men are not changed in disposition, they cannot help but reveal Satan’s corrupt disposition even if they think that they have good intentions and appropriate demeanors, and then they should understand themselves." >>Read the whole article
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