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LOL !!! That is just too good to be true !!!!  Needs to be shared, I hope you don't mind :-)
go for gold michael, there to be shared.
Good on you grandma for telling it like it is, some one has to.
O granny what have u done......this is epic 
Good stuff! I needed that this morning.
Tell it like it is granny.
And to think these are supposed to be the people who judge society.
Sounds like something straight out of the onion lol
Idiots that was a joke n they put her old ass looking pic next ti it. Dumbasses.
haha Just started laughing at my desk! Good post.
hilariously hilarious!
Tj John
That is so funny.  It has made my day and given my wife and I something to laugh about and tell our friends.
hahaha ..................  good one
Tell it like it is ... ha ha 
Perfect for a Friday!  Thanks!
It baffles me how such people can do so well in life. Shame is the most effective tool we as a society have to protect ourselves, yet we don't use it. Regardless of how smart and adept a person is at their profession, if they lie, steal, cheat on their spouse, etc. we should know it. We should know who amongst us cannot be trusted. I for one would not want to employ, rent, or sell to a person so flawed in their character. Tolerance of bad behavior inspires continued bad behavior allowing people to succeed even to the highest offices in the land. Exposing them before they hurt others is our best protection and the right thing to do.
I thought that was freaking HILARIOUS?!?!?!?!?!?!
LOL - Truth, so refreshing!!!
Hahaha I love this. They deserve it granma.
If you have skeletons in your closet, you can bet that someone knows about them! 
Always have respect for your elders for they know life!
The elderly may lose their inhibitions.  The judge handled it correctly, too!.....LOL
This is ann old joke, with a picture added. Still funny though.
This is very old, it's been circulating for ages.
yes i remember seeing it before many years ago
a oldie but a goodie
infact i dont even think it is true. LOL
+Paul Hickey relax!  People are not perfect nor are you.  Judging people only shows how closed your mind is.  I don't believe what they are doing is right nor do I do the same behavior.  However, a famous quotes states, "Jesus, said of those about to stone a women to death for adultery, let the one among us who is without sin throw the first stone."  Tolerance was then and is still a very good quality to have as a person and a society.  It is Friday, relax and enjoy the humor of the situation.
Well she was ask to tell the truth .......hahaha
This little story has been around for years and it's still funny. It should be noted that this is not a true tail.
Sounds like 90% of grandmothers I know from the south
Sounds like Granny has them all tied up!
They should have her on the supreme court! Same reason why i love my grandma ;)
 Ben Li, its on the internet it must be true ;) LOL.
O boy...this is really really hilarious !!!!
Come on people, these hoaxes are easy to spot. It's like opening Outlook Express in 1998, sometimes....
Everyone knows its not true, but it still a kool story/joke  :)
Even if this story isn't real it still makes a very good joke.
Makes me wish they had asked if she knew the judge
It's not a true story but still made me laugh.
sounded like she knew quite a few no good people ,, haha
I wonder if she knows any of my high school teachers?
This was too funny!!! Wow!!
whoahahaha!...i am not a lawyer but i got the impression that in trial (law), don't ask the question if you don't know the answer!!!,,,tfs!
I believe that really only requires one legitimate response: pwned! :D

Very funny, but I can't believe there are people who think this is a true story.
OK is this story TRUE ?
Or is this one of those urban legends ?
This was more of a "that's what you get for asking someone who's going to tell you the straight up truth about yourself! Sort of like asking a child, huh!  Better think twice about who you question your grandma around! lol
Ha Ha Ha.........Too good
I wasn't suggesting such people be condemned, only exposed for the protection of the rest of us. The adulteress wasn't condemned but her reputation was no longer hidden. 

I know this was meant in humor but I took this opportunity to point out that these characters are prevalent throughout our society. Knowing who they are protects you from being the next victim of their treachery. 

To finish the story, Jesus will forgive as we should too but He admonishes all of us to repent, (turn away from 'our' ways) and sin no more.
lol, I don't think this could be real but I LOL anyway
Why Conrad Chilufya? You want to know if she knows you too?   :)   jk
lol hey so mrs jones do you know the judge
Thank you! Very entertaining. 
Thank you! Very entertaining. 
Does she prepare wedding speeches ? by any chance !
Lol funny and omg that looks like my grandmother's friend I call her alright tinkle lady
Nice one mate very entertaining 
not a true story as per  but a truly great joke!
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Ooh!  Granny knows more than someone's facebook and google+ combined!  And you know what?  The men know each other.  He couldn't even defend himself or that guy. Ha!  Even if the story isn't real, it's true to some degree.  It could happen.
Brian Allen - Probably a well written Tall Tale, but <b>Not Necessarily...</b>  The Prosecutors might not have expected that answer, but the Judge darned well knows what she'd say.

Small towns, an observant Grandma paying attention to the goings on around town /would in fact/ know what's going on around town - especially if she was a teacher, ran the local tavern, or the Phone Operator since the Manual Cordboard days.  

And then there's good old gossip - Twitter on steroids.  You'd get in trouble across town, and six different adults would scold you as you walked home.  
"The dog's a damn liar!" 
"The dog's a damn liar!" 
A good story even if it isn't true.
love it....i want to share it on my fb page...
I hear this joke long time ago. Fake.
very funny. though the gramma scares me
Ben H
Funny brightend my day up 
Wow I love honesty and thank god she don't know who I am
I love Grandmas :D they are awesome
it brigtened your day. are you serius?
this post made my day!
Too bad it is just a legend:
Haha Grams is a G... Definitely needs to be shared..
Haha Grams is a G... Definitely needs to be shared..
Haha Grams is a G... Definitely needs to be shared..
Haha Grams is a G... Definitely needs to be shared..
Haha Grams is a G... Definitely needs to be shared..
Haha Grams is a G... Definitely needs to be shared..
Haha Grams is a G... Definitely needs to be shared..
omg that s\would suck to have her be your grandmother
That is SO awesome!! HAHAHAHA
Damn good one. Hahahaha, I cough blood after reading this. Hahahahaha. 
Who cares if it's real or not.  It was funny and that's the point!
You just nailed it to the point Grandma. My 10 gun salute to you !!!!
Hahahahaha :D awesomeness :D 
Would have liked to seen this on In Session.
LOL, tell it like it is grandma, no need to lie.
dont make  a joke  with a  granny u will be  shit
Sorry to ruin this for everybody, but it is mostly likely just urban or rural legend.

The snopes article makes a very good point.  A judge would never allow a witness to make prejudicial remarks about either counsel - ever.
Wow! This is great. And I thought they taught these fellow to not ask a question that they did not know the answer to. 
Wow! This is great. And I thought they taught these fellow to not ask a question that they did not know the answer to. 
I've run across this a few times, and I still get a laugh.
I will be that grandma when I grow up
Ri Go
What the @!#$%
Buhahahaaa! Epic win/fail! :-D 
This is to funny to be true. I wish I could have been there!
It is amusing, however as 10ish people have pointed out its a fake I don't suppose lending my voice will make a difference, but if it were real it would have been circulated as a news link with corroborating sources, as oppose to a picture made to look like news. Unless of course the link is from the Dail Mail (UK) or Fox News and then it would still be a complete fabrication...
Matt C
When being nosy and minding other people's business pays off...
dang she might be in a different situation if she was a bald headed granny
I think we need this grandma on the panel of the Republican debates. She'd set somethings straight.
Obviously not an actual news story, but a good one all the same.
When fake stories jump from Facebook onto G+!
+lawrence mcnaughton -  Sorry guy, but your "Jesus quote" is also made up.  It is commonly referred to in academic circles as the Pericope Adulterae - or as you know it John: 7:53 - 8:11.  It does not appear in ANY MANUSCRIPT until the Codex Bezae in the late 4th/early 5th century.  Added 300 years after the composition of the Gospel.  
Made my Friday thanks for sharing Kevin 
Made my Friday thanks for sharing Kevin 
Made my Friday thanks for sharing Kevin 
Made my Friday thanks for sharing Kevin 
LOL +John Heylin I spend half my time telling people who should know better what is real and what isn't! But this was funny none-the-less!
truth is definitely better than fiction
omg, this is hillarious!!
I LOVE what the judge said......  
this is the funniest ive ever heard
That will teach you never to ask someone if they know you, when you clearly don't know them... LMAO
Love it, the truth hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
munju s
skeletons from the cupboards
Super funny...... This is one of those thing that only happens in the boonies. Lol but its still hilarious..
Really Good one indeed lol would of loved to see their faces, never screw with GrandMa chuckles!
... Next witness (before she ruins all of our careers)

Good person to have in charge of your credit control department.
Yes, I hate lawyer.. ha ha ha ha 
Nice one Granny! Now the judge has something to think about.
Have mercy!  On second thought, maybe they deserve it.  Go ahead, grandma!
Adi A
Awesome Grandma!
omg lol 
I have to share!
No, I didn't mind!! Thanks for sharing!!
Urban Myth first published in a book of jokes by Author Charlie Walker in 2000.

Love it.....:)
I just published my first book as well.  I hope Your Two Sense Worth
does half as good as Urban Myth's. 
Wow, i can't believe , very cool :-)
Awesome!!! Telling it like it is, to a whole new level...
Sounds like most lawyers. I know it was a joke, but it could be used in almost any court. I loved the part when she told him that the other attorney had slept with his wife. The judge part was done great. Good for a laugh.
I love this woman, but I am lucky that she is not familiar with me and my past. :)
Lmfao! That sounds like the county courts where I live.
Wow has to be one of the funniest things I have ever read!
Lol, this is sooo funny, can't wait to share it
Max G.
This is a joke. This isn't actually a news story. I've red it in a jokebook before.
well at least she told the whole truth,and nothing but the truth,lol
when my sister read it she burst out laughing
what the hell she did she is crary
Lucy L
:-D Cool!
+james jacobin , it does! Press the arrow button to Share, and then pick which circles or specific people you want to post this to.

LOL at this. My grandma was also like this sometimes. Once you get to a certain point in life, you become more honest perhaps!
Made my day! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!
Grandma, Part of the "Greatest Generation," no doubt...
Ha ha - brilliant!!
Funny funny funny old people are ancient youngsters
Very well done. No swearing to tell the truth for this old bird!
My grandmother never pulled any punches either,just because they're old doesn't mean mean that they don't pay attention or remember what you were like as a child!!!!
My grandmother never pulled any punches either
you have spilled the beans to the public grandma
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