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Ready to laugh?

Look at the link below for a second. Then back to me.


Grim and Perilous, running that project below, trademarked DnDGate.

And sent takedown notices to YouTube and other locales, on Pundit's videos and such, for infringing on it.
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Paradox, tired of new White Wolf fucking up, is absorbing them entirely.
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Shots fired.

On April 21, 2011 I published the now ubiquitous OSR logo and released it under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) license. This meant anyone was free to use the logo on their work as long as they mentioned me in the credits (or got my permission to publish without my name). The logo has appeared on hundreds of products and blogs over the years.

Lately I have become increasingly concerned with content published alongside the OSR logo that is harassing towards members of our community including women, LGBT+ and ethnic/religious minorities. I strongly object to this and do not wish my artwork, and by extension myself, to be associated with hateful content of this nature.

Creative Commons licenses include this provision:

other rights such as publicity, privacy, or moral rights may limit how you use the material

The Canadian Copyright Act, Section 28.1 and Section 28.2 lay out the definition of moral rights infringement. Infringement includes any act or omission that is contrary to the moral rights of the author in general. The integrity of the work is infringed if it is to the prejudice of the honour or reputation of the author; distorted, mutilated or otherwise modified; or used in association with a product, service, cause or institution (known as the right of association).

This means (among other things) that you are not permitted to use the OSR logo on your website, books or other publications if you are publishing material that would be considered Hate Speech under the Criminal Code of Canada. For those in other countries, Canada (where I live and my work was published) prohibits hate speech directed towards people based on colour, race, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or mental or physical disability.

You are not permitted to use the OSR logo and publish hate speech or harass other members of our community.

Thanks to everyone who is using the OSR logo and publishing fun things for everyone. For the small number of people publishing abusive or offensive content these restrictions on the use of the OSR logo means you are infringing on my copyright, and I am requesting that you stop immediately.

If someone is concerned about a particular publication that includes my logo, please let me know about it.

Thanks everyone. Please feel free to share this message with others.
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A Modern Manly Struggle

You get born, and they tell you, you're a boy.

And over the course of a boyhood, they tell you all about manliness.  Strength and stoicism. And that means it's cool to be angry, but most of that other stuff, you should ball up and leave it fester.  Starve yourself of touch and companionship. Take some risks; chicks dig scars. Including emotional ones!

You get a little older, and you're pretty good at this stuff, even passing it on to others.

But it doesn't actually make you content.  It doesn't get you what you want. And mostly, chicks say they don't dig scars, and they didn't really like being called chicks to begin with.  Or being treated in the approved manly ways.

Okay.  Okay. So now you get to pick.

You can deny all that doubt, decide the women saying that stuff are liars, and double down.  Make it work. It won't, but accepting that you spent a good part of your life making yourself a worse person in service to a myth… well.

Or you can accept, bit by bit, that it was bullshit almost all the way through, propped up on the smallest lines of truth.  That you are, bluntly, damaged goods, and so is every man you know, and you mostly did it to yourselves and to each other. And you're going to spend a long time putting yourself back together, and owning who you were and are and could become.

And if you accept that, see the bullshit, then you've also got to decide what you’re going to do about the constant presence of that myth around you, in conversation, in media, everywhere.  Because it doesn't go away when you stop buying into it. So you go, hey, that's bullshit. That shit doesn't work.

And if you made the other choice, and doubled down, now you've got all these fucking critics attacking the thing you've commitmed to.  Gender traitors; not real men. Which you're all set up for; more targets to take out all that anger on.

So now, however you picked, you've got a fight.

And it's very manly, that fight, it's about control and anger and stoicism.  And even if you rejected the myth of manliness being like that, well, isn't this the most appropriate possible place to let that damage loose?  Doesn't that bullshit deserve all the anger it left you with?


It's like that.
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Finished Season 1 of new She-Ra.

Still fun, charming, uncomplicated.

Also very, very gay/bi. To the extent that bits that would come off as queerbaiting in other series just come off as plain romantic tension, because the show has zero fucking hesitation at putting all the gay on screen, and it earns some trust at "Yeah, we're playing with you a little on the tension. But like friends, not like jerks".

If there's a slider that runs from "no homo" to "fucking fabulous", they cranked that thing all the way over.
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If Marvel movies want to do an ongoing tribute to Stan Lee, they should get a chair associated with him. One he drew in back when, a director-type one he used, that kind of thing.

Put it in every movie. Never have anyone sitting in it.
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Did the first torture-test on new Infected stakes tonight.

Mostly pretty good. Some very good.

Drive, however, wandered from interesting to completely flat, and needs revising. So yeah. Details.
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Summary of a point I ended up making elsethread, which is my general position on a thing:

As engines of influence, games themselves are weak as fuck.

However! Gaming groups, being social groups, can be strong.

If a game is full of enough douchebag content in the way of trivialized torture, rape, etc, then it requires a group of at least moderate assholes to play, and expects them to enter a social space in which they can be expected to influence each other into being bigger assholes.

Like that.
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New She-Ra is cute, decently fun, and entirely uncomplicated.
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You know about Larkin Poe, right?
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