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Here's a framing problem:

The general agenda of the social left is to create “freedoms from”.  These require reductions in “freedoms to”.

To give people freedom from oppression requires a reduction in the freedom to oppress, just like giving people freedom from murder requires a reduction in the freedom to kill.

Freedom from hate speech requires a reduction in freedom to deliver hate speech.

We all know this; it's elementary.

And yet, so very many left-leaning people I know choke when an argument is framed as “The left wants to take away our freedoms!”, and try to argue within that framing.
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So, pillowfort, huh?

I'ma keep my Friendica in use even if it works out, because it's already well on the way to being my regular blog reader and federation contact point, but I'm up for trying it out.
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I'm apparently very chatty about theory today.
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A pair of good things, which needed juuuust a bit of talk about how good bits concatenate into (one) playstyle.
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Hokay, theoretical Infected monster-maker:

Pick A Basic Frame:
Shamble (walking corpse)
Wallow (person-sized slug with tentacles)
Carrion (undead mammal, at least half human weight)
Pneuma (Intangible "ghost" presence; does noting without adds.)
Cyst (Lump of brain tissue; also useless without adds)

Add on desired bits (that make sense)
Alpha (smart, controls other dead)
Bloated (Full of infectious goop and roil)
Miasmic (Has a roil cloud that follows and helps it)
Chained (Incorporates metal; grounded against shock attacks)
Chitinous (armored with hard plates)
Gaunt (Fast, angry)
Purified (No rot; alien looking, slim, moderately smart)
Splayed (Bonus tentacles)
Bladed (Pointy and cutty bits)
Squamous (scales; crappy armour)
Winged (Flight with wings)
Eldritch (has sorcery)
Massive (twice as big; apply repeatedly)
Protean (Gooey inside; can give muscles and bits to other dead)
Roilborne (Can hover and float inside clouds of infectious fog)
Singer (Transmits the balesong)
Spewing (can area-spray infectious goop)
Multibrained (has multiple brains; headshot no work)
Infested (Has a swarm of small carrion living on it, which can also be added to).


So, for example, a massive (x2) infested protean wallow whose tiny carrion are winged and bladed is effectively a ranged assault platform - a giant squirming thing full of pointy-ended flying stingers.
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Saw Justice League as a $5 online rental.

It was... Okay. Not astounding, not terrible. Just okay; some good bits, some dumbness.

Now, if they filmed the referenced ancient war, and watched Krull and Conan (Arnie version) first, I would be so down for that I can't even tell you.
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Organizing the material for a first (and small) Infected supplement, which will focus on weird bio-horrible and the Changed.

Currently, I'm looking at putting their talents into little chains - like three or four level WoD powers, kind of thing, and then also throwing in some rules options bits and creature templates, D&D 3.5 style, so as to expand up the weirdness on the monsters.

This pleases me, since the changed currently feel in the main rules like they need waaaaaay more weird stuff, and now I can give it to them.
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People following Infected development, or just eyeing it! Which would you want to see first:

1) A booklet of tech (and weapons and etc), enclave defense bits, and expanded stuff for the new Slayer and for research.

2) A booklet of mutations (for the Changed), new monstrosities, and other creepy-crawly.

3) A booklet of rituals, makers, details on the Black Sun, and general sorcerous stuff (also expanding up the Seeker).

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