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Syed Faizan Ali
Web Designer, Blogger and an interesting guy on the web
Web Designer, Blogger and an interesting guy on the web

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5th Anniversary of MyBloggerLab - Time to Rebuild our Goals

If you’re reading this, I would like to congratulate you for being a great reader since 5 years. Yes, it’s been 5 years since we started My Blogger Lab in 2012 with an aim that we will provide quality Blogger resources to users, each year brought different challenges, but we opt to never give up on our passion and that was to reshape Platform. I personally like to thank you for your comments, tweets, likes, Google +1s, everything you did to support your favorite blog to help us grow. You indeed made us a popular blog.

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Over 200 students attended the workshop. If only one will be able to earn something it would be my greatest success.

In case you missed to attend the workshop here's the complete information about my recent workshop At SSUET.

I Also revealed my 30% income from Advertisements.

For more Follow the below link: 

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One of the most amazing Blogger Template we have created. Premium Quality Template that comes with FREE + Paid versions. More than 10 Homepage Layouts, Custom Widgets, 7 Post Types and much more.

Download your Free Copy Now or Buy the Paid Version.

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2 Years ago, My grandfather passed away, and the very next day I had entry test at NED University with a dream to get enrolled in Computer Engineering. 50 marks were the criteria to be passed, and I could only manage to get 49 marks. That could be utterly disappointing thing that could have happened to a person.

But, I did not give up on my dreams, I got enrolled in SSUET in computer engineering and I promise myself that there will be a day when I will be at NED saying that "NED was not worthy enough to have me there" and that day finally arrived at 23,FEB 2016.

When I told this to the students who were at NES Induction session 2016, there were literally so much inspired. Made me realize, people need someone to inspire them and i am sure they will remember this for coming years.

So, If you have a dream, just NEVER GIVE UP..

If you need inspiration or wanted to know about my most exciting workshop on Entrepreneurship at NEDUET NED Entrepreneurship Society induction ceremony 2016, check out the link below:

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We started this company with a promise to ourselves that we will provide quality Blogger resources to users, and with each year passing by we improved greatly in our services. The company, which was started in 2012 has now completed its 4 years. Yes, a company that was a newly started blog 4 years ago have become one of the most reliable, leading and popular Blogger Resource site helping thousands of users each month.

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Just Release this template which is really close to my heart, my dream is to work for children, help them to learn more skills so they don't have to depend on others. I hope my dream to establish a organization for children would be fulfill someday.

Do not forget "Every Kid is Special"

‪+EveryKidIsSpecial‬ ‪+‎HTML5‬ ‪+‎CSS3‬ ‪+‎jQuery‬
Releasing "Charity Mag Responsive Blogger Template"
Download Your Free Copy Now!

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After a lot of time, We finally came up with a clean and Responsive Blogger template for daily bloggers. Do have a look at it.

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3 Year's of Awesomeness, My Blogger Lab turned 3 Years today. Feels like it was just few days ago when I started this little site. I was 16 when i founded this site, and today it is one of the most popular Blogger resource site.

"MBL is like my family, which has always given me everything i.e. name, fame and wealth, Yeah it's right when you work so hard even every person in this world starts helping you."

ALLHAMDULILLAH, Thanks to Allah for everything. Hoping 3 More years of MBL would bring more revolutionizing changes in 

Read More about Achievements of in these 3 Years:

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We Don't Really Code #BloggerTemplates  but when we do we always come up with something new.

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Recently, I did my First Public Event (Workshop_ at +IBA, Karachi  to motivate students, housewives and unemployed people to use and start earning by establishing their own network of quality blogs. You can check out the, 1 Hour and 30 min Workshop Recording, PowerPoint slides and the pictures on the link below.

In Short it was a great experiance promoting the platform i love most +Blogger 
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