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I have totally forgotten about G+. Google, you could have done something great with it because the interface is pretty good, but you just don't love on it like you should.

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Update about a new site,
Through the process of starting a company (NitroPCR) and trying to grow that business, I have severely neglected this blog. I wanted to share a small update though on a new information site I have put together about the CDL, or Commercial Driver's License. ...

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SSH Tunneling to your Google Compute Engine MongoDB Instances:
1. Connect to each instance the normal way via gcutil, but add your tunnel : 
gcutil --service_version="v1" --project="my-project" ssh  --ssh_arg="-L9997:localhost:27017" --zone="us-central1-a" "my-gce-node-name"

2: start mongo shell, connecting to localhost port 9997:
mongo localhost:9997

My "Startup Stack".  There is absolutely no reason for a startup that is not making or selling hard goods to be in the real estate business. That's an expense that you don't need in most stages of your company. This goes against the +Y Combinator model, but I don't think you have to/need to/ should move to Silicon Valley to build a successful startup.

Here's +NitroPCR 's "Stack": 
Groupware/Productivity: +Google for Work 
Source Code Control: +GitHub 
CRM: +Insightly 
Phone: +twilio 
Email Tracking: +Yesware 
Accounting: +WaveApps 
Analytics: +Google Analytics 
Platform Hosting: +Google Cloud Platform << Sorry +Amazon Web Services , GCE is HIPAA compliant out of the box
Deployment: +Google Play 
Collaboration is a combination of Hangouts, Google Apps, and (
With this set of tools I have bootstrapped  +NitroPCR  with MRC of less than $300, and it will scale forever. I honestly think I can continue to grow +NitroPCR indefinitely using these tools.

What's your "Startup Stack"?

Looks like I'll be returning the Galaxy S5. Samsung has added so much bloat to it and Knox is guaranteeing that this phone will never be unlocked without voiding the warranty. Such a beautiful phone turned to crap for a reason I don't understand

Aside from the mounds of bloat ware, locked bootloader, and no root access, I'm loving my new Galaxy S5.

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The dreaded "mirror crinkle". Good thing Google Glass has a great warranty
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