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Kristin Friedersdorf

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Read more at my new site
Hello, and thanks for visiting! I am now writing more actively on my new site at . I will continue to monitor this site but will be updating frequently at my new internet headquarters. Please subscribe to updates on the new site ...

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A (not so) typical week at culinary school
It's difficult to detail a typical week of culinary school because every week is filled with new techniques, recipes, and challenges.  When I finally made the leap to start my culinary program, I was ready to give it my all and get the most out it.  Fast fo...

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kitchen commandments
When I worked overseas, I had dreams of moonlighting at a restaurant in the great European tradition of culinary apprenticeships.  During my travels, I crossed paths with many cooks, bakers, brewers, and passionate food industry professionals.  I did plenty...

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midnight mise
Before starting culinary school, it was typical for me to spend sleepless nights dabbling in new recipes.  After a day at the office, I would decide it was urgent that I learn choux pastry, attempt the perfect lattice pie design, find a recipe utilizing bee...

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A quiet moment
Somehow it's finals week of my third semester of culinary school. At the same time, it seems like it was just yesterday when I returned to school to embark on this exciting, humbling, and rewarding culinary adventure.   I haven't written a lot about my time...

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Danish pastries and palm trees
Working abroad was on my life bucket list ever since studying abroad in college, an experience that gave me just a little taste of everyday life in another country.  It was a first course that left me hungry for more.  When I had the opportunity to return t...

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Green juice addiction fueled!
A nutrient-rich green smoothie is the perfect way to start your day!

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true tales of a cooking hotline crisis manager
I once worked at a specialty cooking store, where they sold things like truffle salts, caviars, fine cooking oils, artisan cheeses, kitchen equipment, and more. One of my favorite parts about working there was meeting fellow food lovers, and friendly folks ...

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free your dough
I discovered this salted-butter apple galette recipe around Thanksgiving, after seeing Bon Appetit post a link to the dessert.  While they surely posted it with the holiday in mind, I loved the recipe so much that I'm reserving it a spot on my year-round ba...

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pratice makes perfect
Around midnight, I parked my car in the driveway on my quiet street, with only the noise of the neighbor's sprinklers to keep me company.  I trudged towards the door with my flour-dusted work shoes, hoping that the charged adrenaline of restaurant work woul...
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