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I've moved!
If you are looking for me, I would love for you to follow my adventure at See you there!

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For the beauty of the earth, for the glory of the skies
Remember when I said I was going to print more photos this year? We'll I'm just getting on that. And while poking around the internets on Wednesday, I realized you could upload THOUSANDS of photos to Flickr using their new Camera Roll. This is good news. My...

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Favorite photos of 2014
I am planning on going through all of my photos this year and getting some printed and turned into books. With all of the photos that I've taken, I have almost none up at my house. And there are so many that I love, I should have started this years ago. But...

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Write down who you are...
This may just look like our cozy little coffee station. A home for our electric Hario pot , cone coffee dripper , hand thrown mugs and Old Factory Coffee Beans . And it is, it does a fine job, but if you look closer, you'll see something that is much more i...

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Quiet Things: Filled with Light
I have really enjoyed daylight savings. I got up early and took time to knit and read. This song came floating in on my Pandora station. It sounds like waking up to me, like rebirth. And falling back, the gift of an extra hour feels like rebirth too. Like, ...

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This weekend was the most wonderful mix of relaxing and hard work. Good conversations and great coffee. And of course, Halloween candy! We started the weekend off super pumped for Trick or Treating. The kids jumped off the bus ready to get into their costum...

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Welcome Home
She grabbed my face between her soft hands and said, almost sternly, "Welcome Home." Her exclamation summed up everything my heart felt. It had been so long since we had gone out to fly kites. It'd been forever since we laid with our backs on dewy evening g...

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This summer, I decided… my word would be participation. I would no longer be the mom on the sidelines. There is so much JOY in participating ! Pave your life in stones of DOING! Throw being ‘cool’ or ‘refined’ out of your vocabulary. Jump in pools with your...

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In Defense of Solitude
I sat in the grass, under the shade of a tree and breathed in and
out. I tried to drop my stubborn shoulders, they have hovered near my
earlobes for quite a while. And I contemplated how I had ended up in this grass. On a beautiful day. With about 20 peop...
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