I killed a Kerbonaut today.  His obituary, as seen in The Kerbin Daily News follows:

All of Kerbin is mourning the tragic death of Lemke Kerman, the first Kerbonaut to successfully orbit another planet, Duna.  After returning to Kerbin's sphere of influence, Lemke performed a gravity assisted breaking maneuver with the Mun, as well as a series of burns to set up his final entry trajectory.  With a perikee above land but deep within the atmosphere of Kerbin, Lemke performed one last deceleration burn, spending the last of his fuel before entering the atmosphere.  This was all in vain, however, as the parachute was ripped from his capsule, travelling nearly 1km/s, approximately 5km above one of Kerbin's oceans.  The capsule did continue to slow, but still hit the water travelling over 100m/s.  Experts claim that Lemke would have only felt intense fear before dying instantly due to the forces of the impact.  Had his parachute not malfunctioned, they claim he would have splashed down safely at a tenth of the speed he was travelling.  He will be missed, and be remembered as a hero to all of Kerbin.

This is not the first parachute related mishap to plague the PR folks at KSC.  After performing a successful rendezvous mission, the clones of Bill, Jebediah, and Bob Kerman perished in a similar accident after their originals safely splashed down.  Two conspiracy camps have sprung up, one stating that the mission never took place to begin with, the other stating that the higher-ups at KSC never wanted the clones to return, and sabotaged the parachute on their capsule.  The cause of the two accidents is still under investigation.
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