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The state of Maryland has very similar laws regarding uninsured and underinsured motorists. If you have been injured in an auto accident due tot he negligence of another in Maryland contact The Law Office of John G. Turnbull at (410) 321-8860.

Or visit to arrange a free consultation.
Delaware has new uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist laws. These laws do not take effect until January 1, 2014 but our website has been updated to reflect the new laws.
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Maryland Probation Before Judgment Laws
Law Office of John Grason Turnbull
(410) 321-8860

In Maryland, deferred adjudication is called "Probation Before Judgment" or "PBJ" for short. The conditions of this principle are set down in Title §6–220 of the state's Criminal Procedure article. This law enables a judge to strike the entry of a guilty finding after a defendant has been found guilty, so long as certain conditions are met. Because the judgment is not entered as "guilty," a PBJ does not legally count as a conviction for a crime. Therefore, the defendant is spared some hardships of having a criminal record, e.g. for purposes of job applications he or she does not have to disclose it as a conviction, though a full criminal background check will still reveal the case.

The defendant, however, is still placed on probation and can be compelled to pay a monetary fine or other restitution, enroll in a drug rehabilitation program, work community service hours, and/or less frequently, sentenced to imprisonment or alternative confinement. If the defendant carries out their sentence and behaves within the conditions of their probation (i.e. commits no further crimes), they become eligible for expungement 3 years after the judgment or when their probation ends, whichever is later (in some cases they can file early if they can show "good cause" to a judge). Expungement is not automatically requested; the defendant is responsible for filing for it at court once their time is up.

The statute in Maryland regarding expungement expressly excludes drunk driving charges where a PBJ is received. DUI charges cannot be expunged.
You can get PBJ in the following situations:
· For a first-time DUI or DWI offense (or if you have not had a DUI/DWI conviction/PBJ within the last 10 years).
· For a first-time violation of the Maryland Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS or Drug) laws
· For any first-time offense of any felony or misdemeanor violation of Maryland law, except as listed below.
· For any repeat offense, unless statutorily prohibited, where the defendant can demonstrate to the court, usually through an extensive sentencing presentation through counsel, that the defendant is amenable to treatment through probation before judgment.

If you are facing criminal charges in Baltimore County, Maryland please contact The Law Office of John Grason Turnbull by dialing (410) 321-8860.
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