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Brian Alspach
I make video games that educate, entertain and empower youth
I make video games that educate, entertain and empower youth

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The Arbitrariness Candidate
For those struggling for an explanation of what happened, here's the best I can come up with so far: Obviously, Trump's election represents a rejection of the Establishment, of which Hillary Clinton is, in many ways, the perfect embodiment. But if that's wh...

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Election 2016 Final Take
Here's the truth: Trump is poison in a way that is unprecedented for a major party nominee. Hillary may not be a steak dinner, but she is some type of food, however unappetizing. There is no hope for the people who think that Trump is a steak dinner. They'l...

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The 2016 Election Tobacco Analogy: Extended Version
Most politicians: a pack a day smoking habit Hillary Clinton: going from 1 to 1.15 packs per day What even Hillary's strongest supporters think she is: going from 1 to 1.15 packs per day but also going for a light jog What Trump's more naive supporters have...

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The three kinds of Trumpies I meet on Facebook
An extremely unscientific survey based on my newsfeed. The three type of people I see on Facebook who express support for Trump: Women who are strongly anti-abortion, recognize that Hillary Clinton is an extremely pro-choice candidate and believe that there...

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The Unhappy People and The Orange Man (A Cautionary Conspiracy Theory Fable)
The country was an absolute disaster and a lot of people were unhappy. The Unhappy People felt like America was becoming unrecognizable. They thought it had lost its standing in the world. They saw that the economy wasn't working for them. They had lived th...

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The nihilism of Trump's fraud allegations
[reposted from Facebook] The other thing about Trump refusing to state that he will accept the results of the election is that it is an admission that he has abandoned all hope of actually winning. It is such an obscene statement that it is going to contrib...

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Hillary Clinton Must Be Elected President
It has been clear to me for a long time that Donald Trump is completely unfit to be President. Though I have known for an equally long time that I would not be voting for Mr. Trump, up until last night's debate, I had not decide how I would be voting. I am ...

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Tribalism and Trump Support
A common question among those who are shocked and dismayed by Donald Trump's candidacy is 'How can his supporters continue to support him?' The question is often expressed with increasing alarm and incredulity after some new and more troubling example of Tr...

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Good on 'ya, Democrats
[I originally posted this on Facebook but I liked it so here it is for prosperity:] I think the Democrats -- with whom I have many, many issues -- did an excellent job of articulating the essence of Trumpism in fundamental terms and framing the election as ...

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The lessons of 2016: America is ready for a dictator
The politicians are watching, folks. Not Trump and Clinton and Bernie (though they are, too). I mean the guys and gals who will be running for Congress two years from now. And President four years from now. And beyond. They're watching and they're learning ...
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