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Jeremy Harany
Geek. Music lover. Tech freak. Friend to all creatures great and small.
Geek. Music lover. Tech freak. Friend to all creatures great and small.

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Hey all; new to the group.

I have an 02 V-Strom 1000 as of last fall. LOVE it.

Anyone here from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)?


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6:30 tonight @ the Legislature grounds.

Who's in ?


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Received a promo this morning from Pinnacle regarding ProDAD.
I seem to recall ProDAD plugins for an earlier version of Pinnacle Studio; long forgotten which one.
Any comments on Vitascene V2 LE and Mercalli V2 PRO? Seems like a LOT of functionality.

I know a few here are involved with still media as well as motion - has anyone tried Affinity Photo/Designer yet? Just looking for opinions. Seems decent, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up Lightroom just yet. However, Affinity Photo/Designer seems to be a decent competitor to PhotoShop/Illustrator.

Wondering about the Sound Effects library: can anyone discuss if Pinnacle has problems with audio files and/or formats?

I ask because after installing PS20U (looking great BTW), I manually copied/pasted several sound effect audio files into the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Studio19\Content\Sound Effects folder, which PS20U seems to read from. As soon as I did that, PS20U would crash (NGStudio not responding) when I opened it. It seemed like it was trying to read or otherwise index the audio files, but crashed. No opportunity to click anything or interrupt it at all...instant crash. I fixed it pretty quickly by zipping C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Studio19\Content\Sound Effects and copy/paste the content from C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Studio18\Content\Sound Effects - exact same content (a mix of wav/mp3 clips from a few sources), but different folder structure.

So it's all worky again, I'm just looking for a bit of insight. Maybe it doesn't like more than (making this up) 20 MP3's with VBR in a folder or something. Maybe it only accepts WAV of a certain bitrate? Just spitballing. Many thanks.

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Opening soon - the last leg of the Anthony Henday

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My friend set his Vortex down in some (too tall) grass last week and could not find it. After a week of searching, and some very heavy rainfall, he finds it and tests it out. All is working fine! Obviously, too windy for a flight test :(

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Another Ft Mac assistance resource...
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