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This is a cute one! +Bruce Shark
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This could become an important outcome for writers. I will be keeping an eye on this case. Any comments about being sued for having a character that sounds kind of like another character?

And what could be the outcome if they win?

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It seems that not only do children prefer paper books to ebooks, but it could encourage children to read and stay focused on the story better than ebooks. So if you write children's books, its still best to go the traditional route.

Any children's book writers here who would like to comment on paper vs ebook in your demagraphic?

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This isn't technically about writing or books, but despite that, I feel it is a great inspiration for anyone who ever thought about writing a memoir. Everyone has a story, and even if it's not uber exciting, it has value. Just showing others another side of life is useful, especially in the current social climate we find ourselves in.

"The Human Library, a concept developed in Copenhagen, Denmark, uses dialogue to cut through stereotypes and prejudice. A movement for social change, it has spread to more than 70 countries since 2000.

Its debut at Penn State coincides with a campus campaign to highlight diversity and inclusion amid what is shaping up to be a less than civil time in America."

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I was looking for pictures of an old American Tarantula Society conference, and instead, I found this! The first version of the ATS was created in 1978 by Dale Lund. Almost nothing was known about Ts, and the hobby was in its infancy. What I found was Dale's hand typed bi-monthly "Tarantula Times" newsletter that he has scanned in as pictures and posted on his blog! It is fascinating!

One of the striking differences I've noticed is the ad "T's for sale" (pg 3)... not only did they not know the scientific names for most of the T's, but the common names are so general! We now know there are LOTS of "Central American Tarantula"s, yet it is listed as one of the common names for an aphonopelma sp. I'm totally reading the rest of these. Hope you all enjoy as well!

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I just read this article about Grammostola quirogai being found in the wild eating a large snake. This first article I read said this tarantula has no venom. Being skeptical, as I find that unbelievable, I did my research. The original article, published in Herpetology Notes, states only that they found it feeding on the snake and nothing on how venomous it is.
The second article, on, was more believable and also didn't say anything about it not having venom, only that "there are no studies of G. quirogai venom".
So again it seems that sensualized news is being pushed over factual news. If anyone asks (and I know I get asked as I'm the resident "spider lady") then please state the facts. Yes, they found a tarantula in the wild eating a snake, no they don't know for sure how it was killed, and there have been no studies to prove how this T's venom works.

What do you all think?

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I remembered something +DL Keur posted about covers as I looked through this list. Why are so many of the covers so UGLY??

Then I wondered why, after about four descriptions, my eyes started glazing over and I lost interest in the entire list... Is it because this is a list of "Novels" and I'm so used to 'eating' genre 'candy' that I can't sink my teeth into a more 'literary' novel? 

Are these "literary" Novels?

In any case, this list was less than exciting for me, but did cause me to think about the state of books and the state of my mind... so not a total loss.

What do you think?

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This is for all the Sci-fi writers out there. Well I guess this can be applied to non-sci-fi too, but traditionally its been something sci-fi does...

Do you think about what you could possibly be inspiring real scientists and engineers to make, while you write? Do you try to reflect current problems and run them to their possible outcomes? Or do you just wing it and maybe these things come about?

This article is about this and got me thinking. Hope you all enjoy.

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I just had to lucid dream myself awake, yeah, that's right, I woke myself up on purpose from a dream... inside the dream. Not, 'woke up because I was scared', but said to myself IN THE DREAM "Okay, that's it! I'm waking up!"

This from someone who has lucid dreamed and decided to STAY in nightmares from giant aliens who wanted to stomp me into paste (my first one from grade school) to swarms of spiders, to zombies, to hoards of demons chasing me, and to my long running 'Dark Man' who chased me in a dead city repeatedly. In all of those, I recognized I was in a dream, and chose to stay there. Not because I wasn't afraid, but because I wanted to see what would happen.

So what could possibly have made me want to wake up in this one? Leeches... yeah that's right, I was so grossed out by having to pull leeches off my own legs I tapped out of a dream! I never thought of leeches as scary or anything, but I do hate ticks. I hate ticks very much, and freak out if I get one on me. So yeah... I guess I can see why I wasn't going to stick around for leeches.

I managed to pull the first one off my leg and gross myself out stomping on it, but then I found another one, and another one, and my legs were covered in them with more crawling up the inside of my pants leg! And they weren't just dangling there... their ugly sucker heads were buried in my flesh!

So yeah... big bad horror writer I am... I tapped out of leeches!
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OH WOW! This is soo hillarious! I hope I never get on this list. lol An interesting "what not to do" for anyone writing any kind of love scene. And even if you don't ever want to write one, read it for the laughs. I teared up at the last quoted passage!

What was the worse love scene you've ever read?
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