In which Jonty reluctantly carries the Olympic Torch...

This album requires some background. The London Hackspace is a thriving community of hackers, makers and creative types occupying an exciting space next to Hoxton overground station. The space was co-founded by +Jonty Wareing - and the hackspace regulars enjoy nothing more than winding him up in increasingly creative ways (one example: a huge mural of his face adorns one of the walls, in the style of a communist propaganda poster).

Today was the culmination of their most elaborate prank yet: they nominated Jonty to carry the olympic torch... and to their surprise and delight the nomination was accepted! Jonty did his 300m this afternoon along rectory road, with an excellent turnout (complete with custom made Jonty masks and an acappella rick-rolling apparently caught by the live TV broadcast). As an olympic torch-bearer he was of course mobbed by school children just before the start of his run.

Here's the successful nomination story on the Olympics website: - the principle culprits were +Tom Scott and Mark Steward.

And more information on the most excellent London Hackspace:

The whole thing was an enormous amount of fun, and is best summed up by Jonty himself on Twitter:

"That was the most absurd thing I've ever done. Astonished at the number of people who turned up to watch, that alone made it worth doing."

"We shall now return to my regularly scheduled program of olympic bitterness whilst carefully ignoring how much I enjoyed carrying the torch."

And finally, a commemorative video including the rickrolling: RUN JONTY RUN!
Jonty runs with the olympic torch
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