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Ivy Waite
Teacher & Researcher & Best Friend & Dog-Lover & More!
Teacher & Researcher & Best Friend & Dog-Lover & More!

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Get Your Litspiration On! 2015-2016 Launch!
Welcome to grade 9!  We already know that we... read to get lost. read to make connections. read to find answers. read to go on a journey without going anywhere at all. read because you can. read to grow your imagination. read to learn about the past, prese...

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Project Summative Assessment & Reflection - Journal Entry #32
The end has arrived! Please complete the following tasks to join us in the process of summatively assessing your work from The Scorpion Project. JOURNAL ENTRY #32  A. TEAM LITSPIRATION CHALLENGE a. Create a googledoc titled "<Your TEAM Name>'s Scorpion Lits...

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Culminating Activity: DEBATE
To conclude our novel inquiry we will be engaging in a debate on the following question: This house believes that human genetic manipulation will enhance our society's future. STEP ONE. Journal Entry 31: Individual   Planning for Genetic Manipulation Debate...

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INDIVIDUAL BLOG POST #6: Protagonists - Compare & Contrast
Due MONDAY, MARCH 9 You will have time today in class to work on this. Then it is up to you to write further drafts until you are ready to publish on MONDAY before you get to school. Compare the protagonists in The House of the Scorpion  and Gattaca.   Firs...

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Find a partner to work with this morning. Complete the following for your partner, and then one other person of your choice throughout the grade. 1. Carefully read the 4 individual posts on your peer's blog. Choose the post that contains the idea that will ...

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For this first litspiration challenge, your
team will explore the setting of The House of the Scorpion . You will focus on
the information presented by Farmer in the first 100 pages. This will be due, and should be posted, by the morning of Monday, January ...

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Dual Challenges!
Monday in class, we discussed two challenges we are asking you to take on during this project. 1. TEAM CHALLENGE  We have asked you to develop a strategy, and put that strategy in motion, to increase the readership of your blog outside of our grade 8 class ...

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ROUND TABLE #1: Author's Choices
Your first round table will be a discussion of the choices that Nancy Farmer has made in the front matter of the novel. DUE TODAY: January 15, 2015. The moderator  will ensure that the discussion stays focused, and can use the discussions guide below to hel...

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Here we go! 

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Get Litspired! 2014
image from: Literature serves many purposes, and one is to inspire us.  Inspire us to laugh, to cry, to change, to grow, to look at things differently. That is what this challenge is all about. Even if you have not felt inspired by ...
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