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That was hilarious. SLJ is just having fun at Sam's expense. You can't tell he isn't mad, he is ribbing him for making a huge mistake. What started as a huge mistake ended up be one of the funniest interviews I have seen in quite a long time.


Football time!

Okay, anybody else having this issue. I am using Chrome and I have a post that has a pretty long list of comments. I want to add the person in the last comment to a circle. When I hover over their name, the drop down goes below, then when I click Add to Circle, it drops down also....below the bottom of chrome where I cannot scroll down to the right circle. So, I cannot add the person.

In this situation, the Circles drop down should go upwards when it pops up, so I can see it all.

Has anybody else had this issue and/or reported it?
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