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8 Steps to Creating an Interactive PDF
As many of you know, I have recently become a huge fan of creating and using interactive PDFs for my students to use in my classroom. I love that I can create a personalized activity for my students that requires no additional prep. Additionally, my student...

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6 Steps to Mix Up Your Calendar Routine
Towards the middle of this school year, I realized that I needed to mix up my Calendar routine. Sadly, my calendar routine had become stagnant and boring. I was just going through the motions. Once I realized that, I began my journey to find activities and ...

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March Task Box Activities for Special Education Classrooms
Can you believe that we are already three days into March? It seems like I was just blogging about my February task boxes. As many of you know, in hopes of keeping my students engaged and learning new skills, I center my task boxes around monthly themes. We...

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iTechnology in the Moderate to Severe Special Education Setting (PLUS, a GIVEAWAY)
As a special education teacher, I love using technology in my classroom. Why? Because it allows all of my students to be able to participate in our academic lessons and curriculum, while keeping students engaged and excited. With that said, I was taught tha...

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IEP Data Collection in the Moderate to Severe Special Education Setting
I t is taken me three years to come up with a data system that works for me and my students. With that being said, as you read this post, the best advice that I can give you concerning data collection is to find a system that works for YOU. Take ideas, data...

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February Task Box Activities for Special Education Classrooms
With only two more days left in January, it is time to switch up my task boxes for February. In hopes of keeping my students engaged and learning new skills, I center my task boxes around monthly themes. We had so much fun with our January task boxes, but n...

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My Classroom Task Box System
Since creating my Simple Task Box System for Special Education Classrooms , which is posted on my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I have had many questions on how I set up the task boxes in my classroom. For my task boxes, I use this Ten Drawer Utility Cart. Y...

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5 Christmas Gift Ideas fof your Paraprofessionals
I am beyond blessed to have four amazing paraprofessionals that work in my classroom. I sometimes laugh when I think about what my class would be like without them. I would lose my sanity. More importantly, I could not do my job. During the holidays, I buy ...

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Time Management for the Special Educator
If you are anything like me, your typical day looks a bit like this....get up, get dressed, spill coffee, get dressed again, drive to work, organize paperwork, teach, fill out paperwork, manage behavior, fill out more paperwork, stuff your face with food, c...

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Sensory Integration in the Special Education Classroom
I am a huge fan of sensory integration in my classroom.
Sensory integration gives my students what they need, allowing them to feel
better, behave better, and learn better. The more I teach students with
significant disabilities, the more I understand how i...
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