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Solar Angellis
web-designer / web-developer / SEO analyst / Identity developer.
web-designer / web-developer / SEO analyst / Identity developer.

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Common web-designer problems :

webdesigner : what do you have in mind for this website ... ?
Customer : i don't know ... you're the web-guy ... do something ...

after 1 month

webdesigner : here is you're project ...
customer : THIS is NOT what i've payed for !!!!!

webdesigner: you don't fucking say !

Advice ! : put you're shit strait , get a general idea about what you want , ask for a discussion with the developer , discuss you're idea , draw some retarded things on a paper , it's common for a webdesigner to work with idiots , you however are NOT an exception , decide colors & how the customer will interact with the pages , and please wen the price go above $ 3000 do not bitch about , worth every fucking penny ...

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Dog falls asleep in the water

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Smooth ride with a classic scooter

Engine Type 50cc 4-Stroke
Cooling System Air-Cooled
Max Horsepower 2.3 KW/8000 rpm 4HP
Transmission/Clutch CVT Automatic
Starting System Electric / Kick Start
Ignition CDI
Max Speed 30+ MPH (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)

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somehow they are always asking for it :))

i'd wish i was imortal ... duh

bored the hell out

Psychology: ... dose every one is exactly what you expected to be ?
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