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Truth is hate to those who hate truth. There is only one Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ. If you hate the truth, you hate Him, but He still loved you enough to take your place on that foul cross and avoid eternity in Hell fire. He did this to offer you eternal life so you can live forever in Heaven with Him.

Jesus Christ cannot and will not lie, because He is God. God cannot deny Himself. What He says He means and what He means He says. God's Word, the King James Bible, declares this truth and will declare it-- that Jesus Christ, God enrobed in flesh, went and suffered for you and for me, so we may have everlasting life.

This message is far from being popular these days. This is the Antichrist generation that we are living in right now. Evil is everywhere; it cannot be avoided. Everywhere people are being brainwashed and conditioned to receive the Antichrist, which will appear immediately after the Rapture of the saints (born again believers in Christ). But let the heathen rage and imagine vain things. Their eyes are blinded by Satan, and they will end up with him in outer darkness, forever.

We believers must stand fast in the Truth if we are to be counted worthy for the cause of Christ. Christ came to save sinners, of whom I am chief (1 Timothy 1:15). We must prevail, because Jesus is our Captain. God will keep us in His omnipotent care until Jesus comes. Be strong and of a good courage, for the LORD God is with thee whithersoever thou goest (Joshua 1:9, my paraphrase).

And for you "haters" out there, you better get saved before it's too late for you. ***Acknowledge that you are indeed a vile sinner, and agree with God that you deserve to rot in Hell forever.
***Believe that Jesus Christ is the only One Who can save your wretched soul and take away your sins through His shed blood on the cross.
***Receive His love gift of salvation and you will be born again.
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I'm finding it funny that my latest post got ten +1's. That has to be a record. Meanwhile, hardly any other post gets any more than one +1. I guess people enjoy hearing me rant about my dog taking a poop on someone's lawn. Ha ha ha. What about my other posts, most of which contain the more serious topic of the Gospel (the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, that you CANNOT go to Heaven by any other way)?? They hardly see any activity at all. I now see where people's minds are. In the gutter.

And you can forget about me allowing comments. I've learned that most people will say anything they want just to get attention. No thanks. Keep your comments to yourself. If you want to say something to me, email me.

You were born a sinner. You are Hellbound in your sins while you remain alive. The Bible says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. You cannot obtain Heaven by works, deeds, cults or family geneologies. But Jesus Christ died for you, friend. He shed His blood on the cross to become sin for you and die in your place, so you wouldn't have to go to Hell when you die. He died and was buried, and rose again from the grave. Jesus is now alive forevermore, and sits at the right hand of God. If you BELIEVE this and trust in His blood to save your soul, you WILL go to Heaven.

ALL RELIGIONS ARE FAKE. JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN. See this page if you really are serious about salvation.

Let's see how many +1's THIS post gets.
How To Go To Heaven
How To Go To Heaven
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I hope anyone who reads these doesn't mind me ranting a bit from time to time. This old world is vexing and hopeless, and refuses help and salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ, so God allows them to go their own way, with detrimental consequences.

I've been living in my neighborhood for 25 years. My kids, now in their 20's, were born here and grew up here. This house and block is all they know. I've watched the neighbors come and go, many of the indigent families leaving to greener pastures while other groups move in one at a time. I've watched this street turn from a well-kept block to trash all over the sidewalk. A lot of the old trees were cut down. This block is now merely a shell of the beautiful area it used to be.

I am in no way condemning anyone. If I had a choice and the means to move, I certainly would. But I believe God has me here this long for a reason. Sometimes you have to stick it out, whether by consequence or by choice.

I was out walking my dog this morning, just like I always do. Nobody pays me any mind, except for on occasion a child wants to pet my Pekingese. Normally things are quiet, except for some idiot doing a wheelie on a motorbike (surely an accident waiting to happen), or some laughing kids playing in their yard. This morning was a bit different, though.

As my dog was finishing up her duties, I heard a voice coming from an upper bedroom window. I didn't see a face, since the morning sun was beaming directly in my eyes, but the voice said,

"Your dog pooped in my grass. Are you gonna pick it up?"

I replied, "No. She pooped all the way down there at the other end of the block. She only peed."

The woman continued, "I saw your dog poop right there on my grass."

So, wanting vindiction but more to stay humble, I looked at the grass but I found no poop. Apparently this woman can't tell either position a dog gets in when she poops or pees, or maybe she just had nothing else to do with her time. I felt ridiculous and thought, this lady needs to quit spying on people while they walk their dogs. She had already chastised someone else a few days ago when he walked HIS dog on HER grass.

I said that to say this. People in general need Jesus. Why? Because then they won't be spying on others or annoying anyone else. They'd be kind and gentle and keep their large mouth shut when something annoying happens on their property. Okay, she might've had a huge pile of dog poop on her grass, but being humble, she would come out of her high ivory tower and take a grocery bag and scoop it up. It shouldn't be that people are ignorant and leave poop on other people's lawns, I'm not saying that. It would just be so nice to be kind-hearted instead of being a class A b**ch. Sorry, I said I rant here from time to time.
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Sitting out front enjoying the warm 71 degree day, and right in front of me in a window are bunnies. The paper kind for Easter.

Easter Sunday, better put as Resurrection Day, is NOT about bunnies or eggs or ducks. All that stuff is pagan in origin.

Resurrection Day is when we celebrate Christ's rising from the grave so we may have eternal life. Not this junk which heathens put up every single year.

Christ died, that's history. Christ is alive, that's salvation!
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So the world's science idol Stephen Hawking is dead. Sad to say, all the brains, scientific ideals and his outright atheism got him no closer to Heaven than six feet under. He's burning in Hell right now if he never accepted Christ. What a wasted life, deceiving and being deceived.

God Almighty will not be mocked. He sent His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to earth to die on the cross and take away your sins. Sadly Mr. Hawking was a God-hater, but now he wishes he could have one drop of water to cool his tongue. I'm certain that he believes in Jesus now, but alas, it's too late for him!!

Don't waste your life denying Jesus. He loved you enough to shed His precious blood for you. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.
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I've noticed I've gotten quite a few more followers here at my Google+. I wonder why though. Do people like the way I rant? Is anyone really listening to what I'm trying to convey here-- THE GOSPEL, which is THE DEATH, BURIAL AND RESURRECTION OF CHRIST, the ONLY way you can get saved and avoid eternal Hell fire-- or is this all for nought? To my knowledge only one person reads these messages and answers, but how many (or few) really do take the time and read them?? I can't post negatives to be negative, in other words (I've probably already lost you) I don't ENJOY being hard or firm, sadly some people do like that kind of attention, but God is not just a God of love but also a God of justice, and a lot of things we petty humans do is filthy rags in His sight. As for the reason why I "rant", that's something only He knows because it fails me to know what it might be (maybe I'm a human being with feelings???). So if the only reason you're here is to read my rants and laugh at me, I do not respect you. You may as well leave and find somewhere else to delight in others' failures. My God knows me better than I do, and even though I falter at times, He NEVER gives up on me, unlike people who do. So there you go. Have a nice day.
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People are so wicked. Total strangers think they can tell you their ugly opinions and get away with it. They obviously have nothing better to do with themselves. I don't hate people, I hate what they do and say. I hate what God hates. I hope this individual gets saved before it's too late. He needs a good heart washing so his mouth can get cleaned out as well.
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The world is getting worse. The earth groans under the heavy, ancient curse. All around us is falling apart. Society is at an all time low. Man's sins have brought him to the very brink of Hell. And the time of Jacob's trouble is very near.
However, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, REJOICE!
The later it gets, the worse it gets, the harder it gets, the closer Jesus' return for us is. So Lift Up Your Heads!! For Your Redemption Draweth Nigh.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.
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There's something very wrong with people when the authorities declare a holiday after a football team won the super bowl. No school tomorrow, no morals, no responsibility, just partying, parades, profanity and puking. We live in a sick minded, Godless, Bible-ignorant generation. Sorry but you can count me out.
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